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    The leader left but the vibration remained

    It's election time and the voters are quite confused this year. The last time they elected a person, a popular face in the locality, who defected to the opposition camp after serving them for only two years. He promised many things before the elections just like all other leaders do and many people had immense faith in his words. After he changed sides, many of them had to face the difficulties and because of the ongoing tussle between the party in power and the opposition, the developmental work in the area completely stopped. A part of the constituency has a long-standing problem of waterlogging and they elected the popular leader with a hope that their worries will be gone within the next year. In fact, the leader promised them many times about solving their drainage problem if voted to power.

    They have heard that the plan for a sewerage system has been sanctioned and the required funds have been allotted. Alas, the work cannot be started because of the ongoing tussle between the politicians in the locality.

    There is a political meeting today in the largest ground of the constituency where many political heavyweights are supposed to attend the meeting. The people in the locality have heard about the candidate who is contesting, many of them are feeling dejected but wanted to give one last chance to the new candidate. Many of them have not seen the leader because he is not so popular, but there is a large crowd in the meeting. Is it because we all live on hopes? Maybe!

    The local party president inaugurated the meeting with his speech. The same old boring speech, he is not saying something that can turn the voters in his party's favour, though the crowd patiently listened to him. After that, it was the turn of the candidate who is going to contest from that constituency. The leader started his speech in a deep voice.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are assembled here for a cause, the cause is development. Whether you vote for me or not, the area must be fully developed. The nation will develop only when every single constituency in this country becomes developed. You must select the candidate who is going to work for your area, who will stand by you when you face difficulties. There is no point in blaming others about what or why they did something. What has left has to be done and rather than mudslinging we all need to cooperate for the betterment of society and the country. I request you to vote for the candidate who will rise above politics and work for the people. This is the spirit of democracy and let this spirit remain high everywhere. Thank you all".

    The speech was not so long, but the intention is clear. The crowd became silent for a moment and then the leader heard a big round of applause.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    These days politicians will give many talks and speak many things for getting the votes. They forget what they told after winning the elections. Defection is another problem. Once the candidate wins the elections he should not change party and if he changes he should resign for the post and recontest. Then only there is a meaning in conducting the elections on party basis. In Telangana, around 10 MLAs who won on Congress symbol are joining in TRS for getting special benefits and forgetting the party on which they won. They all should get disqualified.
    The leader in this particular thread raised by the author is a different type of man I think. He is really interested in the development of the place rather his winning. We will find very rarely this kind of personalities. The people should vote for such persons and see that they will win. In such a case, the constituency will get developed. Really the words of the leaders should inspire the people and should make them to vote for him.

    always confident

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    Few leaders are capable of giving such honest and clear speech. Most of them will say that if you vote for them they will do such and such things.

    It is very true that the tussle between the politicians is harming the country in many ways and the tax payers money is either not utilised or going in the drain.

    That is the reason why some people advocate for autocratic rule in this country so that the confusing voices will not be there. In fact in the name of survival of our democracy we are abusing it left and right.

    Knowledge is power.

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