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    Leaders create more leaders

    In India, the Lok Sabha election is around the corner, and the Indian Premier League'19 is in full swing. At the onset of the summer, even nature is at loggerheads in various Indian cities to top the temperature chart. Now and then business magnets are in the race to expand their business empire, underworld dons are taking each other head-to-head to prove their supremacy and numerous other competitions are there in the fray. In each face-off let it be among animate or inanimate beings we finally get hold of a leaderboard.

    Once we follow the leading table, then we get a leader definitely in each table. The inanimate list becomes only a matter of discussion, and one can take the required steps to take care of its effects accordingly. On the contrary, the animate list either provides a genuine leader who could direct in the right direction while those who are at the top of the criminal list would make people follow in the wrong direction. So, a leader can be either positive or negative.

    A person who has financial stability and has all the other essential resources such as labour, contacts, skills, intelligence along with vision can become a leading force, but such leaders only strive to achieve an ultimate objective. Such leaders cannot leave a powerful impact on the minds of the followers because to leave an imprint one needs to be a guiding force who would awaken the inner spirit of those who are looking up to him/her. Such a torchbearer makes many more leaders in due process because his/her guidance helps to nurture leadership quality in them too.

    A leader who has subordinates throughout lacks selflessness and the power to enlighten others, but who being a leader keeps on making new leaders because of his/her selfless guidance is the real motivator with a pure soul. To sum up I quote, "Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders" aptly said by an American writer Mr Thomas J. Peters.

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    Right. A good leader will create many other leaders. This is true. But these days many people will never allow many of their subordinates to become a leader, thinking that they may be a competition for you.
    When I was Young a Manager working in our factory resigned and joining in a very good company. I asked him to take me also with him there. He replied I can't go there with a seed which has the potential to become a good tree. What he conveyed me is that if he takes people like me with him there, tomorrow they will become a threat to his survival there. If a leader has such a feeling, he can't develop another leader. But if he thinks that it is good to do develop leaders so that he can become a super leader, his subordinated will progress. Otherwise, the leader has to stick to his present position as he has not trained any good person to become a leader. A good presentation by the author and good narration.

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    DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao Sir, it's unfortunate to learn that your manager made such a statement to you. By God's grace, your manager received a better post but failed to become an inspiring leader. Yes, many individuals do not want their juniors to attain a good option. It indicates that they are not good leaders. A selfish person can be a leader, but cannot become a good leader.

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    The authoress has brought out a very interesting post regarding the capability of a good leader to produce good leaders. A leader leads the team but at the same time it is his concern that the team members should learn techniques to become a good leader themselves as in future they might have to take up bigger responsibility. So it is very true that a leader must inculcate good leaders in his team who can either take his place in future or have their own place where they lead another team.

    In real life the things are done in a slightly different way. Any leader who finds that one of his teammate is aspiring for the stars and soon may replace him, will start taking preventive measures and cut down the competitor to the size. Why he does it because that person is a threat to him. It is natural and no theory works here. These are the basic human instincts.

    See the example of retirement age for the politicians. Logically they should be allowed to work only up to a certain age say 70 years (I am giving them 10 years more as all of us are asked to go home by 58 or 60 years of age). If it is so, they will definitely prepare the second line of leadership but if you allow them to run the country from the death bed in a 5 star hospital with tubes inserted in their mouth, they will like to do so delightfully.

    What I want to emphasise is the leader will not allow other person to grow taller than him whether it is a politician or manager or CEO or chairman or director in the company. It is a hard fact of life whether people accept it or not.

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