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    Great Leader and a good team - A winning combination

    Leadership is such a role where a person himself or herself are not directly involved with the work being done but still, they are accountable for the outcome of the work. They are among the first ones to get the appreciation of good work and blame for bad quality work. So how does leader get the confidence that his team will be successful? A good, knowledgeable, experienced, mature and efficient team members always enhance the confidence of their team leader. Vice versa an incompetent team will make the leader's life tough.

    Some people say the leader's task is just leading, instructing and managing the team and it is easy as they do not need to actually work. This is not true. Though some people who take it easy may lead in that manner, a true leader is the one who gets involved at grass root level with their team. They should understand each and every detail of the work done by their team and should able to mentor them if needed. A leader who does not get involved deeply with the work done by their team may not be able to understand the problems faced by them.

    It is seen that a person who has worked at the lower levels and slowly climbed to a leadership position understands the team and the work better than the person who has simply jumped to a leadership position. Good leadership and a good team are boons for each other and are essential for success of any project. A good leader is a source of inspiration to the team and it makes their life easier while a good team will always make a leader more confident about the success.

    A true leader will always motivate his team and a good team will always cooperate with their leader. Good Leader - Good Team combo can prove to be a recipe for success for any work that is undertaken. If either the leader or the team is weak then it may impact the probability of success.

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    That is the ideal combination but seldom happens in practice.

    Generally the leader is supposed to motivate and encourage his people to achieve the objectives. Same team can perform differently under the different leaders.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A true leader need not work on his own but can strive for the success of the team by guiding them in the right direction. What is that he has done on his own is not important by what is the way he guided the team speaks more. He has to motivate and mentor the team and see that the goal is accomplished. A strong leader will always see that his team will win the goal.
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    The ideal leader must possess numerous positive tributes such as sacrifice of the personnel life for the party, motivating his colleagues for spreading cohesion within the party and above all, he can guide his coworkers in the attainment of targets set by the party. An ideal combination would be both the leaders and party - coworkers should the high order of integrity. This would prosper the party as a whole and this would strengthen the structure of the party.
    Definitely with the passage of the time, there has been overhaul detoriation of the cultures and as a result, these parties have lost all their trusts among the common citizens. They need to go in the down root level to win the trusts of the common men.

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    A leader should be visionary to guide his team well even in the time of difficulty. He should have the patience to bear all odds and brave all trouble bravely. A leader should also be a knowledgeable and decision maker, not the one with a passive approach.
    A leader can not be a mere charismatic but reflective. He should be honest and sincere whom people repose trust. A leader should be the true guardian of his subordinates to preserve their sacrifice. A leader can not go by slogans but by credible policies to lead the team to success.

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    Leadership is a great attribute and it is said that a good leader is capable of raising a good team. A good leader can motivate his persons to any limits and can get the work done with vigour and valour.

    In history, we read about great leaders who had changed the direction of society or the country in a totally different path and the whole world was seeing that with surprise and amazement.

    Mahatma Gandhi did with his non-violence ways the things which even an army can not do. In China, Mao brought a revolutionary change in China, which was unprecedented and today China is one of the top powers in the world not only in warfare but trade also.

    There are many such examples of great leaders who had hypnotised their people and aligned them for the growth of the country.

    A leader can affect the minds of his subjects so much that they will blindly follow him irrespective of whether he is telling a good thing or bad thing.

    So, the danger of a negative leadership is also lurking today on the humanity as some underground terrorist leaders are preparing devils to finish the society. These devils do not bother about their life and if one does not bother for ones life then you can imagine how much harm one can do to the society.

    What I want to emphasise is a good leader or bad leader whatever it is, can impress and affect his followers to any extent and that is the main reason why there comes a change in a system or country. It has happened in past and it is going to happen in the future.

    Knowledge is power.

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