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    Some players giving best and doing well in IPL but in giving best in Country Team?

    Some players giving best and doing well in IPL but in giving best in Country Team? For example Rassel , Gayle, Joshef, Pollard etc they are rock star in IPL cricket but they become fail when they play for West Indies.

    What are the reason ? Is IPL giving more money and respect to those player and they become more serious in IPL.
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    IPL has been a phenomenal stage for all the cricketers -locals or foreign, to perform better. There have been some extraordinary performers and some budding cricketers are also making an appearance with their sheer display of talent impressing the selectors and people.
    CSK is all time hero. They display a great performance and consistency in the winner matches has been a wonderful journey for the team.
    While RCB has completely lost 7 matches this season despite some good foreign players.

    But, when a player plays for his national team, the pressure is different and While playing for IPL pressure remains low as you are not playing for the national team.
    However, there is hefty money in IPL and it adds to the charm of this league and foreign players are lured to it.

    I feel this is a great league of cricket where players get the chance to display their talent especially the budding cricketers who are keen to secure a place in the national team.

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    The performance of the cricket players change from one match to another and it is not possible to correlate the performance in between them.

    IPL is having good sponsorship amount and the players are aware of this. So it is possible that some of the players might be more alert in these matches.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    IPL is a league match. This will not speak about the country. As a Player, you are coming into a team where players will be there from different countries. The opponent team will have many players from different countries. So the players who are participating in these matches will never have the pressure that they have to perform well otherwise they will be dropped from the team.
    There are many teams and he can get into some other team also next year. So these people will play without any pressure. So they may be doing a better job. It is very difficult to perform under very high pressure.
    Here the money involved is high and whatever money he has to receive might have been received in advance. That will also make them a little free and that gives a scope to perform well.
    Cricket is such a game, a person who scored a century in the first innings may get duck out in the second innings. The game is of such nature and people who are able to perform well, may not be able to perform well there in the country's game. We may not say that intentionally they are not doing good in the other matches.

    always confident

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