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    I couldn't resist myself to post this thread

    Yesterday I read the following in a social media:
    "Your cell phone has already replaced your watch, calendar, alarm clock, etc. Don't let it replace your family."

    It is really very serious and we have to think about it. Today we are so busy in our cell phone that we don't have time to spend with our family. Our family members especially children need our time. Whenever they ask something we only reply yes or no.
    It is really a very dangerous situation. We should sort out the solution. How can we minimize the use of cell phone. Should we replace our smart phone with basic phone? Or there are some other methods, which should be adopted.
    Respected members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    It has become a common problem in our country. While everyone is busy with smartphones, none is ready to pay attention to what is going around in our family.

    It is a real threat to our social fabric. It has almost replaced our attention from our family members. Who cares to pay heed to his family when you are glued to a smartphone.

    It is so frustrating sometimes when you speak to someone busy with his phone, he can't pay the least attention to what you are speaking.
    Such a situation is, of course, strange and needs immediate intervention to stop unnecessary enticing towards smartphones.

    Our children deserve full attention with all love and care. Children can be taught to use smartphone judiciously if that is necessary otherwise it is good not to give them the phone.

    Other family members also need to take due care of this problem and should avoid using a smartphone in a way that is completely not required in a family environment. Always looking into phone and paying least attention to your family members is not good.

    When the family is around, rest your phone aside and share the bond of love with your family by talking to each one in the family.

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    The cellphone addiction is going to be another incurable cancer and the speed with it is propagating in urban as well as rural environment is a matter of great concern.

    Today parents and children are equally infected with it and the future is looking a bit fearful.

    I had visited one of my friend where his grandson was playing with smartphone. The age of the child was hardly 4-5 years and he was crying for some time and as soon a the mother gave him the phone he was silent and seeing the comics in that. He was operating it better than me!

    Where we are heading to?

    Knowledge is power.

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    The addiction to cellphone has been increasing. It is destroying family bonds, the relationship among relatives and friends. Young people have more faith in virtual friendship, virtual games and finally in the virtual world. Despite many unfortunate incidents and frauds due to cellphone addiction, this menace has been increasing.

    It has become a matter of grave concern. This thread is timely and appropriate.

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    A good thought provoking thread by the author. Mobile phone has become an indulgence for everyone whether he is a student, worker, shopkeeper, executive, child, housewife or anon else with any profession.

    Day by day this addiction is increasing and parents are worried about their children, employers are worried about their employees and we are also worried about ourselves as how to come out of this trap.

    It is an unnecessary indulgence but everyone is involved in this activity.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I feel it depends on the individual. Smart Phone is technological advancement and it is a tool for your convenience. So the individual using it should use it for his advantage. Earlier days, if we want to send money to somebody, you were supposed to go to the bank, take a DD and send it by post to him. Otherwise, take cash from the bank and then go to the Post office and send the money by Money Order. Now we can do it by sitting in your house. How much time you are saving?
    But unfortunately, people are spending more time on Social Media and killing time. This is not correct. We should know the limits for any activity. Daily 30 or 40 minutes of spending may be acceptable. But sitting hours together and chit-chatting with people is never acceptable. Earlier days people used to rush their works to finish in time. But these days the works are getting completed fast and people are spending more time on these unproductive activities.
    We should have smartphones but we should use them wisely for our betterment and time saving and the time saved should be utilised for the family.

    always confident

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