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    TOW for the week 24th Mar'- 30 Mar'19 (Winners)

    It is little embarrassing to mention that there were no good threads worth selecting for TOW for the week 17th - 23rd Mar'19 and decided to skip the same for the week. A small suggestion - though the title of the thread may be attractive in some cases, try to elaborate the content and give good description so that it would generate interest and discussion.

    Now, we are announcing the result of the TOW contest for the week 24th Mar'- 30 Mar'19.

    And the Winner is - Vij for the thread - Does "Tit for Tat" philosophy always work?
    ~ A new thought for the old proverb and it may not work always!

    It is decided to award Special Prize to -
    1. Vandana for the thread - Poaching, loyalty, alliances - standard ingredients in an election recipe!
    ~A well presented thread depicting the present trend of politics!
    2. Krishnadas for the thread - Live in mother Country with self respect or live in a Country where we can earn more money
    ~A good thread warning those people who crave for working on a foreign soil.

    The winner would be awarded 60 points and 60 c.c while the Special prize awardees would get 40 pts and 40 c.c each. Please join with me to congratulate the winners.
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    Congratulations to both the winners for this award. May you get many more awards in life and keep contributing the good work on ISC. You really deserve this award, congratulations!

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    Well done and congratulations to all the winners of TOW for their respective outstanding contribution during the week under review. Please keep contributing and all the best.
    Knowledge is power.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners of the thread of the week 24th March- 30th March.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Hearty congratulations to al the winners of this particular TOW. Well done and keep contributing your good work in ISC. All the best.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    My hearty congratulations to Mr. Viz, Ms. Vandana and Mr. Krishandas for their award-winning threads. I am sure that many more awards await them at ISC.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I like to convey congratulations to all the winners. The threads deserve the awards. I hope the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes and awards in the coming days. I wish them all the best.
    always confident

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    Happy to receive the award. Congratulations to all the winners.
    "If you don’t understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Congrats to Vij, Vandana and Krishnadas for winning the TOW award. Well done. Keep up your good work.

    @ Request to Editor Pranita:
    Kindly correct the name of Viz and Vij. An editor should not make such serious spelling mistake, especially the name of a member as advised by our ISC ME.

    No life without Sun

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    My hearty congratulations to Vij for winning the Thread of the week award. I also congratulate the Special prize winners. Wish all the winners to get more rewards in the future.

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    Thanks all for the wishes. Congratulations to both the winners of special prizes too.

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    My congratulations to all the winners of the TOW award. All the threads are thought-provoking and raised pertinent points. I wish all the other members very best and hope they will come up with more such interesting topics in the coming days.

    Well done! Keep it up.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    @Sun sir,
    Thank you for bringing out the typo error of the name of the winner. I have corrected it now.

    Editor - ISC

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Congratulations to all the winners. Expecting more and more interesting threads from you all in the near future. Best of luck!

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    Congratulations to the winner and special prize winners of TOW contest for the week.

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    Hearty congratulations to all the winners!
    The cash rewards and points as announced have been credited.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    (A little late to respond here) I am surprised and quite pleased to see my forum thread winning a special prize. Many thanks to the jury selection panel. Congratulations to my co-winners and to Vij for winning the top prize.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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