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    Let us convert jealousy to healthy competition.

    Jealousy is a natural human trait and psychologists say that it is present even in the animals albeit in a slightly different form. All the human beings are jealous to more or less extent. It is something we inherit and it manifests time to time depending upon the circumstances.

    People say it is a bad trait and we should avoid it as far as possible because it does not do any good to us except increasing our stress level and adding to our worldly worries.

    Now the question comes how to suppress this trait and control this bad element which haunts us time and again.

    I feel that though it is a natural instinct but it can be handled in positive ways. One solution is to analyse the root cause of this feeling of jealousy. Once you know the root cause then you can make some constructive work to achieve some proficiency in that field where you were lacking and feeling jealous when other person achieved something there.

    I want to illustrate it with a real life example of my friend in a remote place (I also belong to that place) who did not read and learn english till class 5 as that time the schools in those remote areas were like that only and he started to learn ABCD only from class 6. Later he always felt jealous and humiliated when he saw people talking in english. By the time he did his B.A. he learned english but he was still shaky and weak when it came to pronunciation and vocabulary.

    He took a very bold decision of doing M.A. with english and for that he had to go to DSB PG College Nainital, Uttarakhand, the nearest place where he got admission.

    After two years when he came back and we met, I was feeling jealous of his english!

    So the point is he overcame the deficiency in the field where he earlier had the pangs of jealousy. What do you think about this?
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    Jealousy is a bad trait and we should not develop this as it is some times ruin us. When we see a person who is very rich than us we will feel that he is lucky and we may feel jealous. But if we can understand how the other person is so rich and if we can also work hard and try to earn money legally, there is no problem. But out of this Jealousy if we try to harm the other person or try to earn money by undertaking illegal activities we will be in difficulties and we may lose whatever we have also.
    As explained by the author if we are able to know what is our weakness and if we overcome it is good. But in some cases, it is not possible. So instead of comparing ourselves with somebody else and getting into problems, if we analyse the reasons for our failure or limited success and take corrective actions, we will be wiser and we will be appreciated by all.
    Out of Jealousy try to spoiling others is very bad and sometimes this will spoil our chances also to progress in our lives.

    always confident

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    Jealousy is a trait which hampers the mental setup of an individual. It makes a person restless and agitated. Jealousy is the unworthy and degrading quality.

    A person feels flames inside when the other person gets achievements in life. Or if one person gets some luxury items in his home the other may feel jealous for not owning luxury.

    Jealousy is bad quality and we should avoid this. A person can always work hard for achieving better things in life instead of looking at those who are blessed with success due to their hard work.

    Even if a person sometimes feel that the other person is getting something better, a person should look at how that person progresses in life. And a person can also work on similar lines or on the field that suits the person best.

    Jealousy may mar the personality of a person. It destroys the mental peace and makes your heart like a barren land without any feelings of love and compassion!

    So, it is better to encourage what others do to achieve success rather than being jealous of their achievements!

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