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    Poverty is a punishment awarded by God

    Am I wrong if I say that Poverty is a punishment awarded by God. We all talk about Karma's of the past and the fruit of it in the present. If we have done good in the past, we will be blessed. If we have done evil in the past, we will be cursed. Poverty is a big punishment for the evil deed of our past, awarded by the Supreme God who created us.

    Do you agree with me or disagree?
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    I feel it is not a punishment but it is a test. If we want to admit our child to a good school, the school will ask our child to write an entrance test and if he performs well he will be given a seat. Similarly, if God wants to give moksha to a particular person, he will test his integrity and nature by making him suffer. When the human being is in difficulties he will get tempted to come out of those problems with whatever ways that are possible to him. But only a few people will tolerate those difficulties and will try to come out of those problems without compromising on ethics and values. Only Such people will be given Moksha.
    I know people who are financially not well also spending their life happily with the available resources and never getting tempted for unhealthy practices to become rich.
    If you are very happy and enjoying life means the chances of having one more birth are high. But for the people who are very contented and will not go for bad deeds will be having more chances of getting moksha without any rebirth.

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    In some of the cultures or societies there is a belief in past life as well as future life. In those systems these things can be explained by arguing like the result of our deeds in the past and which are linked to out state today.

    These arguments and explanations were given in our mythology by the learned people to explain the unknowns in this universe. Another reason was to help a person to not get unnecessary stress or worry as he was told that he should be happy with what he has got as he did certain deeds in his earlier life and now getting the results in this life.

    So it is not the poverty only that is a punishment but there are many things like a child is born without legs or a child is born blind. Accidents happen and some people die but some remain alive, some people rise in life while some remain where they were and things like that and it is interesting to note that everything can be explained with that doctrine.

    If my child does not get good numbers in his exam I can always say that he did something wrong in the past life and now suffering. I should not sympathise with him. In fact I should not teach or engage a tutor for him as he has to suffer for his past deeds.

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    Poverty is the cruelest of the cruel. That too the poverty suffered during childhood. Poverty is worse than being handicapped. Poverty is worse than going to jail to count the bars. Taking birth in a poverty-ridden family is a severe punishment.

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    God has done nothing. They gave equal opportunity for life to flourish. It depends on person to be rich or live life as poor, blaming others.

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    A particular religion says that if somebody is born black, it is a result of sins from previous birth.
    In the past and to a big extent even now, Indian upper castes have used this excuse to belittle lower caste people and make them feel that their poverty is due to some divine reason.

    This reason is given by rich and privileged class to keep the poor and downtrodden content with their lives so that they don't demand higher pay and rights. It would do good to anyone who holds such views to understand this shameful historical reason and not use it in future.

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