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    Do you think Mr.Advani's advise of branding critics of BJP or Modi as anti-nationals is good?

    Recently the advice given by Mr.Advani became sensational in media and public. Advani advised that BJP leaders and supporters should restrain themselves from calling as anti-nationals those who criticize or oppose Mr.Modi or BJP. In all newspapers, editorials came appreciating Mr.Advani for his wise advice. I think it is kind of good advice from Mr.Advani that the kind of branding tactics followed by Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah branding everyone who criticizes their party or their policies. Do you think it so?
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    That is why in Congress Manifesto they promised to remove Desh Droahi(anti national) clause from the Constitution.
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    I never give importance to such statements. Why he has not opened his voice for the last five years. At the age of 91 also he wanted to be an MP. What is his contribution in the last five years? He might have resigned if really things are going bad in his party. He never opened his mouth. It is not expected from a senior leader like him. No doubt he is a driving force for the BJP to come into limelight. He should be respected. But the acts of him also should be like that only.
    If he feels Modi is not good he might have revolted when he is in the Parliament. He kept silent. Now he talks something out of frustration I think. He should not get annoyed and he should not make statements like that. That will make him away from the people. Atal never commented against the leaders like this. He even respected opposition leaders also.

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    While I totally understand that Mr. Advani's advice, as well as your thread, can offend many avid 'Bhakts', I also believe his statement does make sense.

    In my individual opinion, I also think that most politicians from the BJP, supported by Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah have been misusing the antinational label on everybody who critics their party or its activities. The point of sense then gets mass murdered by our Indian media by giving more air and fuel to such 'political statements'.

    While BJP supporters will never accept my unbiased statement but a lot of false propaganda has been going on since last 4-5 years which has been really killing the soul and morality of Democracy and fair politics. This is a high time when BJP should understand that propagating or 'politically' wording certain things will not change the truth. This is nothing but an act of upsetting the democracy by wrongly labeling anybody as antinational just because he raises a question or criticism for their party. Party is not equal to the Nation.

    As individual citizens of this nation, for once we all should look at the things without being politically or religiously binding ourselves to a certain party or politician. Wrong is wrong, no matter if you say or me.

    Dr. Rao has stated in his response that Mr. Advani has only spoken it out of frustration when the elections are near. This could be true, however, the statement released by Mr. Advani does make all the sense. And it is not only Mr. Advani but many unbiased Indians feel frustrated in the same manner. However, end of the day we all are going to vote based on our individual choices and it is not complex to understand that a fraction of Indians may still go with the party or politician they strictly follow.

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    Advani advice has truth in it but I don't think BJP will follow because it is two men party.

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    Mr Advani's advice is good and it is applicable not only for the BJP but for all political parties in India. Is there any political party in India that tolerates criticism? Possibly no. Let me give a small example to clarify this. In every state, at times a few films or dramas are released criticising the present dispensation. In almost all the cases the producers had to move the court because of restrictions imposed by the respective state governments on those plays/movies.

    Recently, the same type of things happened in West Bengal where the screening of a movie was suddenly stopped without assigning any valid reason. Those who have seen the film and from the interviews of the casts of the film it was understood that the present government didn't like the way things are shown and hence the restrictions. Whether a party is branding its opponents' anti-nationals or not nobody can tolerate the dissenting voice. It's true for all and I would say the advice is for everybody in active politics in this country.


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    There is no two word for Anti National. Person who works against the interest of the Nation is called anti National. Nationalism is not the property of any political party. Every citizen of the Country is concerned about the Nationalism. As far as Nationalism is concerned we are all united irrespective of our affiliation to political parties. We do not need any teaching or preaching by the politicians. We are all prudent enough to decide what is right and what is wrong.

    The political parties are taking advantage of the situation for meet their vested interest.

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