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    What happens if VV PAT counting go wrong with electronic counting machine?

    Yesterday Supreme directed Election Commission to take counting of five VV PAT slips in each Assembly segments. In recent Assembly elections of Telangana where one VVPAT they counted, a difference of 244 came. The EC didn't give any proper explanations for it. The Congress candidate who lost very low margin of 1800 votes asked to count all the VVPATs. But EC refrained and made an appeal in the court. But still there is no provision what EC will do if such a difference occur. What is your opinion about it?
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    What would happen if all the VVPATs, EVMs and other mechanical/electronic devices go wrong and all votes go to the ''Hand'' symbol? Then what to do?

    If on the days of voting, the Sun and the Moon come closer to the Earth and people start behaving abnormally, what would happen?

    If on the days of voting, CIA, KGB, ISI and Mossad combine and conspire and cause malfunction of all VVPATs and EVMs, what would happen?

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    This question of EVMs getting tempered only comes into more focus when Congress and its allies are losing. What can be the reason behind this? Is it that EVMs are fine when a party wins but faulty when they loose?

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    EC has to clarify the contesting candidates why this discrepancy is coming otherwise they get dissatisfied with the election process. If the system is scientifically perfect why such descrepancy like in Telangana coming.

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    To be precise, there should not be any difference. The number of votes counted from EVM and VVPAT slips from a particular booth should give the same result. If there is a difference between the two, it indicates something wrong in any one of the two systems. If the difference is less and it is less than half of the majority the winning candidate got there may not be any problem. But it is more than half of the majority, the lost candidate can challenge the election and reelection is to be conducted.
    As far as my knowledge goes an electronic system may work or it will not work. There will not be any chance for malfunctioning. Both are machines only and we can't say EVM is not correct and VVPAT is correct. Any discrepancy should cancel the election and reelection should be conducted.

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    Yes, the E.V.M's are Made in INDIA and there is a huge doubt when the Manufacturing is done in India especially Electronic devices like E.V.M's.In some booth's there are some E.V.M's which even unable to start when the election is started.So if these electronic devices are made in China or Japan or some other country it will give good results.
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    "....the E.V.M's are Made in INDIA and there is a huge doubt when the Manufacturing is done in India"-------------------------How long will the Indians suffer from such inferiority complex? Even after so much technological accomplishment?
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    It might not be inferiority complex but suspicion of EVMs being bugged because of being produced in Government owned Indian companies?

    Elections must be done in as transparent manner as possible. Supreme Court ruling is thus welcome and if there is a mismatch, there must be a re-election in that area.

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    If something goes wrong in any machines it has to be rectified. Human beings are prone to errors, even machines also have tolerances and can malfunction at times. During voting, enough EVMs are kept on reserve and since the apex court has directed the EC regarding VVPATs I am sure they will take appropriate measures to address the issue.

    It is not fully understood why many political parties are up in arms against the EVMs this time even after repeated assurances from the EC. They moved the court also and I think if there were any doubts the apex court could have banned the use of EVMs for polling. Since this has not happened and the apex court has asked the EC to take foolproof measures regarding the use of EVMs, let's have some faith in the functioning of the EC. One can always move the court if there is any doubt in the functioning of EC as well as the EVMs.


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    Ankit Sir: As I am a little bit busy in another site right now, let us come to a compromise. If BJP wins a seat, then there are bugs in all EVMs of that constituency. And if an opposition party candidate wins from any seat, those EVMs are correct and without any bug. Agreed, Sir?
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    @Partha: Haha, you never cease to amaze with your amazing sense of humour. You are the only person who is sensible in this country. All of the rest need to learn such a sense of blind commitment to our monarch.

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    This is a valid question asked by the author. What action will be taken by the Election Commission if the numbers of EVM and VVPAT do not match? What I personally feel is that the result should be kept pending and all the EVM and VVPAT machines in that particular constituency should be verified. After verification, a decision is to be taken.
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    Ankit, Sir: You also never fail to get my admiration because of your tenacity and doggedness to defend the indefensible. Great going, Sir!
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    Any mismatch will rise the suspicion of the people. In such cases there is no other way except going for repoll.

    I feel these machine need further improvement and quality control as they are handling a very sensitive issue.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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