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    What is the future vision of Congress and Rahul Gandhi for development of our country?

    During the election campaigns only thing I hear Rahul Gandhi and Congress talking about is minimum income scheme for poor , loan waivers, subsidies, disrespect for guru by Modi (Advani ji) etc. Are these sufficient for development of the country? Do they have any other innovative vision for the development of the country which they can talk about? I am not sure of this.

    Can anyone throw some light on what is the vision of congress and its allies (UPA) for our country if they come to power, leaving aside things mentioned above?
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    The Congress and Rahul Gandhi have no good future vision except for Rahul Gandhi to sit in the PM's chair that was used by his ancestors Nehru, Indira and Rajiv. As per the predictions, Rahul cannot sit on that chair as he is not that fit for that chair. Voters of India are not fools but clever enough to understand this fact.

    Do you think it is possible for Congress to do justice (NYAY) to Indians which could not be done by the passed away Congress leaders of the many past decades?

    It is for sure that Congress will not make it in 2019 due to false promises by RG.

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    I couldn't understand the vision of the Congress party. Their ultimate wish is to make their leader Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister of India and send Modi out of power. If you see the promises they made, I feel I have to pay a minimum 75% of salary as tax or otherwise they will sell the country to the world bank or any other Nation.
    He says he will give Rs.6000/- per family who are earning less than Rs,6000/-. That means the pensions that are being given the State governments should go up to minimum Rs.6000/-. How many families are there in India and what will be the budget for that did they calculate? These are all election promises only. If given the choice all people will take Rs.6000/- per month and stop working, Then how the country will develop.
    He is talking about sending away the Guru. What Congress did for PV Narasimha Rao. They have not even allowed the dead body of him to Congress Headquarters and they have not allotted a small piece of land for cremation in Delhi. Such people talk about Hindu Dharma and Guru. This appears as if ghosts are reading Veda Mantras.

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    Well, from this thread and the recent news articles it seems the Congress suddenly got a vision for the development of this country which was not at all present earlier, at least after Mr Rahul Gandhi took over the role of the party president. Till the other day, the only vision of Mr Rahul Gandhi was to remove Mr Narendra Modi from power after the next general elections.

    Is there any difference between Ms Indira Gandhi's call for 'garibi hatao' (poverty alleviation )and Mr Rahul Gandhi's call for a minimum income for the poor? From where the money will come for all these subsidies and loan waivers? He is well aware of the country's economic situation and to every knowledgeable person, his promises are nothing more than election gimmicks. Actually, these days political parties win elections through false promises and I would say Mr Rahul Gandhi is always busy making false allegations and promises.


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    You don't have to ask Congress, go and ask BJP that where is truth in its past promises like
    1. 15 lakh
    2. 2 crore job
    3. 100 new smart cities
    4. Clean Ganga
    5. Ram temple solution
    6. 50% cost of production for farmers etc etc

    And Why BJP did nothing and again came up with same agenda.

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    Whatever we are able to derive today from their promises is the only vision.

    Vision is what we are able to deduce today. Most of the people in our country very well know what will happen in that regime.

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    Is there any evidence that Modi said that he would give Rs. 15 lakh to each Indian?
    Yes. Modi has provided 2 crore jobs. Who has kept a record to check and prove that he hasn't provided the job?
    It is not easy to get 100 smart cities within 5 years. Rome was not built in a day. Modi needs a second term.
    Ganga being cleaned, but useless people make it dirty again and again. Let Congress clean it if possible.
    Lord Sri Ram is not interested in a temple for him.
    Farmers are cared by Rs, 6000/- per year

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    Promises are made by Modi not Congress or Rahul Gandhi. If promises made by Modi then he has to complete it or don't do politics of speeches.
    I gave few example of promises and we have endless list of promises by BJP.
    Couple of days ago Amit Shah was telling that BJP will make Ram temple. I mean how cunning these people, they are sleeping after giving speeches everyday and still doing politics on RAM temple.

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    Congress is one of the oldest part in India. The problem with the congress is that they are clinging on Nehru, Gandhi family. The people in congress feel that without Gandhi's they are big Zero. In fact , this is not true. There are many good leaders in Congress. But there are some groups which are very close to Gandhi family does not these leaders to come up.

    Congress will be utter failure in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Individually is not capable to occupy any position in the Government leave alone the position of Prime Minister. I have seen many of his speeches in Loksabha and also in other gatherings . It was totally lacking content and rather more confusing.

    Congress party should project any other good leaders in their rank and fight the elections.

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    @ Rahul, the case of Ram Temple is already due in SC jurisdiction then why the BJP or the Modi are to blame here.

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