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    What is the limit of Knowledge?

    What is the limit of Knowledge? In the whole world some are beginner some medium and some are experts I want to know what is limit of Knowledge ? is there any position when Knowledge has any end.

    Question is itself very difficult to give exact answer but anyone can try to get best answer selection.
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Knowledge is the information or facts that we get through education and learning novel things in life. The more we look for facts and information about a particular thing the more knowledge we get about a particular thing. The quest for knowledge goes on and on.
    Knowledge is an unending treasure, the more we dig deep the more we unfold the facts. Knowledge cannot be limited but continuous process of learning about different thing through education.
    Knowledge is an important aspect and people should get more and more to add to their knowledge.

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    There is no limit to knowledge. It is like water in a well. Go on consuming, more will come to you. That is the power of knowledge. The more knowledge you acquire the more confused you are and hence you will study more to understand the knowledge. As you start going deep into the knowledge of a particular science you will become an expert in that line. In graduation you will have all branches of the subject you have chosen will be taught to you. You will cover the basics. In post-graduation, you will concentrate more on a particular branch of that subject. In PhD, you will concentrate more on a topic from the branch you have studied. That means you will be more focus on a particular area of your specialisation as you go up in the studies. It indicates that you are trying to acquire more knowledge in a particular field. Knowledge will improve by sharing with others, unlike money. Knowledge will give you recognition internationally and you can be able to live in any part of this world with your knowledge.
    Thinking that I know everything in a particular area and thinking that my knowledge n that particular area is foolish I think.

    always confident

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    Knowledge has no limit. It is like the size of the universe. Endless and infinite.

    When I was studying in high school, being from a lower middle class family, I had no money in my pocket and I had no way to entertain in the canteen or market or local fair. I tried some part time work but it was very strenuous and gave little money not worth of it.

    So, I had no option except to read books for free in the Govt library where even poor students were welcomed. It went on for a long time and unknowingly and unintentionally I had read so may story books and books and periodicals in hindi as well as in english that I forget to keep a count of them. It was only after 6 years when I completed my graduation and left the town for doing post graduation on a very good scholarship that I found that I have almost read the whole library barring a few english literature books and poetry books.

    The result was fantastic. I was ready to participate in any discussion. I could prove very easily that God is there or God is not there. Give me a topic and I will tell you something interesting. I was ready to discuss anything from history to astronomy. How did it happen? I was amazed with myself.

    After doing my post graduation, I found that the job condition was very tight and I was wandering here and there. My interview was always good. It had to be. The library was sitting there in the upper storey of my mind. But I did not get a job.

    It was very sad and hurting and I thought to change my line and try other jobs which were not in my core area. I tried to apply but failed miserably in the interview. Those subjects were alien to me. I soon came to know that what I learned in my life from that library was a drop from the ocean of the knowledge.

    There are so many drops in the ocean of knowledge, in fact more than billions, but we have taken a few of them and rest is there only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The sky is the limit. Beginners or experts are terms that are used by professionals or students. In general, when somebody starts to learn a particular subject/topic we say she/he is a beginner and when the person earns a particular degree or attains a particular position in the profession we call her/him an expert. That doesn't mean the expert knows everything about a particular subject. Even nobody claims to know everything about any topic.

    The quest for knowledge starts with asking questions and it stops when you stop asking questions and never bother to look for answers for your doubts. The more you ask and interested to know things, the more knowledge you will gain. Remember, do not ask questions just for the sake of asking. Ask questions to quench the thirst of knowledge and then I am sure you will definitely gain.


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