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    Who according to you carries a better edge?

    In this highly tense & competitive environment the aspirants from all corners of life are doing their best in order to achieve the success in terms of courses or in context to their dream jobs. This would be without any doubt that the competitions have intensified everywhere in comparison to what this used to be earlier but even after this few have the capability & skills that they make their entries on the success ladder on their very first attempt while there are many more who are giving more attempts in order to get their names listed & to this they not only bring to the table their never say die attitude but their knowledge is also better.

    Do you believe that those who qualify after multiple attempts are equally good if not better than first timers but what according to you would be carrying with the better edge here?
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    The performance in the admission test will never reflect his work efficiency. Work efficiency is different and job knowledge is different. An engineering graduate may be having a better knowledge about the welding technology but an ITI technician who got trained on the machine can do welding better than the B.Tech candidate whose knowledge is very good.
    The efficiency in work will improve if we adapt ourselves well to the working environs and learn the skill required. A person we learn quickly the skill set required for the job will have an edge over the other persons.
    So it is not the question that after how many attempts he qualified for the post, the question is how quickly he is getting adapted to the situation and delivering the goods. A person who grasps the work well and brings changes and gets the work done easily may have an edge than the person who is doing routine work without applying their mind.

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    Generally it is seen that intelligent people who work hard get the entry on the first attempt. At the same time the mediocre brains lose it whatever efforts they do.

    So there is difference in the IQ of the people and that determines the easy success or success after multiple attempts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It doesn't matter whether you qualify for something after a few attempts or at the single attempt, what matters is the quality of skills you have in the professional field and the type of person you are. Everybody has her/his own goal and to achieve something one must work hard and have perseverance.

    Let's keep aside our judgement of better or best, rather keep concentration on the job that you are doing at present. Give your best to whatever you are doing and if you do not succeed after a single attempt never be disappointed. Analyze the reasons for failure and keep on trying until you reach your destination. Never think what others might say or think about you. Stick to your goal and you will succeed.


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    Edge is not whether you qualified in the first attempt or the 5th but what matters is the approach and your firm belief that you have to succeed. Being consistent in your endeavor is the biggest thing while hitting the target.

    Suppose a person who qualifies civil services exam in its first attempt and other qualified it in the fifth attempt; the first one surely deserves appreciation but we can't ignore the consistency and determination of the other who qualified it in the fifth attempt. I think determination is the key to success and opens doors to the path of success. One without determination or consistency can't get what the hardworking could do.

    So, the edge is not who qualifies first, but consistency and urge to achieve success until one achieves it!

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    Performance in the written test may be superb and he can get through the competitive test but it does not mean that he would be a good performer in carrying out the same job in the practical field where one must acquire proficiency with the regular involvement in such a job.
    Knowledge in any field is definitely good but without involving oneself in the practical test, efficiency level cannot be improved.
    Hence in most of the cases the man doing a job on a Continious basis may be superior than his boss having only a theoretical knowledge in the same field. A regular performer is aware of ins and outs of the process and he is very much well known of the remedies if the situation goes beyond the control.

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    You have shared great perspective in current situation and also competitive world too. It becomes very competitive and tougher compared to earlier situation/.
    It will be both Knowledge and Performance for me as today's world prefer or expect Smart work rather than hard work. We have seen lot of automation in most of the fields to ease out work or repetitive tasks which is nothing but Smart work in deed. If person have sound knowledge then it will easy to know best possible ways to make work easier or automated.
    Performance will be countable for our progress and evaluation which will help to bring growth personally and financially. People respect Knowledge and approach to person who has sound knowledge, and if he/she performs well which contributes to growth of company/client then they becomes valuable asset for company. So Sound knowledge and Performance are key factors in current competitive world.

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