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    Is it right to compromise quietly at every point for the family?

    It is a notion that people who compromise in their lives especially for the family, they lead a peaceful and contented life. Although in my opinion, such a theory creates a lot of stress. Those who compromise, they are taken for granted. No one bothers to understand what the person loves, and they keep on burdening them. People consider their silence as a sign of agreement. It is ridiculous.

    I have personally noticed that those who compromise for the sake of peace and welfare of the family are the worst sufferer. Those who know to protest, they significantly lead a life of their choice.
    Compromising for the loved ones is not wrong, but when others start taking advantage of one's good intention, then it's very wrong.

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    Compromising for the family to some extent is always advisable. But we need not surrender ourselves for the family. But one should not be selfish and should not leave the family in troubles. If you can travel in 1st AC on a train. You can purchase two tickets in 2AC one for you and one for your brother when your brother can't afford the same. But purchasing him 2nd AC and you travelling by 3rd AC is not correct. What I mean to say is you can sacrifice some comforts for the family, But you need not become less comfortable by making your family members more comfortable.
    I have seen in many families especially in ladies, a lady who works hard will be working hard only always but the other ladies will not work with her and they enjoy life. I have seen some ladies saying that only daughters in law have to work and not daughters and mother in law. These concepts are bad and the lady should revolt against others definitely and her husband should support her.

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    When it's a compromise then it has to be a mutual agreement between the two. But if one person in the family always ready to adjust according to others' choice then she/he becomes the worst sufferer. The author has rightly pointed out that the person who is always ready to adjust in different situations is taken as granted. Others tend to think that she/he is very tolerant and can even adjust to circumstances which others find very difficult.

    One needs to be assertive in every situation and then only there is a chance for a contented life. I have seen people who adjust a lot in families suffer the most. For any difficult situation, others think that since she/he is there the situation can be managed efficiently. In this way, the person remains pressurised all the time while others in the family do not think much and happily move around managing their own things.

    Taking care of others in the family is always good and one must practice it, but every time forcefully taking the responsibility of others in one's hand is not advisable and one should not do this all the time.


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    Compromise to some extent is fine but to the level, it makes one's life stressful is not encouraged. You are well equal to that of the other members and compromise sometimes destroyes one's personal interests!

    I feel in such a situation one speak up for equality or silence can imprison you in the chains of compromise, and it will be difficult to break those chains of injustice.

    Compromise is fine for the prosperity of our family members but it should not snatch the hope of any of the family member. Everyone deserves an equal share from what we share int he family and none can be subjected to injustices.

    Respect every member of the family and also compromise for your family to keep it happy sometimes but not at the cost of sacrifices any family member.

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