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    Is it right for BJP to project Balakot strike in its election manifesto to attract voters?

    BJP has included the Balakot strike against the Pulwama strike as a great achievement by BJP in their election manifesto. Is it right? Is it not the duty of any government to take action against our enemy countries. Was it a good development for the betterment and progress of the country?

    Is it an issue to chest beat and say " I have done it"?

    Congress, in 1971, fought a great war against Pakistan to liberate Bangladesh. But they never claimed it as an achievement in their election manifesto.

    I don't appreciate Modi for this.
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    It is the highly deplorable attitude of Mr. Modi and Mr.Amit Shah of BJP. In the manifesto of BJP has mentioned Balkotstrike, surgical strike, missile strikes as their achievements which no other government led by Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Mr.Atul Bihari Vajpayee or another PM's take the credit of army, soldiers or scientists in their or party account. In many editorials of newspapers, the same thing mentioned by you can be seen today.

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    Its No for me, They should not use it as achievement or goal accomplished. Whichever party conceding and representing nation, its their duty to take action against anti-nation activities. However people may have sympathy towards it but this was action taken by Army/Air force driven by Government. It is same case as in 1971 where Nation was first before any party representation. People are aware about situations, activities and well knows about things happening due to social media compared to last decade. I think parties whichever it is BJP., Congress or Third Party should use real time goals and meant for mankind not considering cast or secularism. This will be great accomplishment for any party to showcase and also accomplish it.

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    Indian armed forces work directly under the control of political leadership. The present ruling party has shown the guts to order air strike across the border. The present ruling party earlier ordered surgical strike across the border. India's superb army and air force have proved that the trust of the Government is fully justified.

    In contrast, after 26/11, when ACM Homie Major wanted to carry out air strike to take revenge, the then spineless Government under a spineless prime minister and his mentors of the 'royal family' didn't give permission.

    So, if BJP feels proud of strong political will backed by nationalism, I don't think it is wrong. However, we must not forget our great soldiers, air warriors and sea warriors. Only yesterday, IAF released proof (radar image) of old-age Mig-21 Bison destroying modern F-16.

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    No, it is not right some social activist people(who are not in politics) are saying its a drama and even Telangana Chief minister also said that is a big drama done by Modi before elections.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    As said by Bhushan the same drama was created by BJP in the form demonetization before UP election in the name of eradicating corruption. But it fetched votes for BJP in UP but it spoiled the lives of Indian people. This fact was agreed now by every Indian, politicians including BJP and media.

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    Whether it's an air strike or a big blow directed towards the enemy by the land forces, it is done by the army and not the government. The government might have ordered actions but the army carries out all the necessary military actions against the terrorists or the enemies. All these actions are based on the situations and the government orders certain instructions that they deem fit in that situation.

    Every kind of military action has to be very secret and I think it is the job of the retired army officers also not to disclose sensitive things about what happened in the past during some other governments to the public. There are a few retired officers who brag and try to show others/governments in poor light. There are many things that happen between the government and the armed forces and both must maintain the required secrecy to some extent. Who ordered what is not the question, it has to be seen whether the purpose is solved. When the border is tense, nobody can sit idle and there must be an optimum level of cooperation between the government and the armed forces.

    Military actions cannot be said as any kind of achievement, but a necessity. Hence these actions should not be projected to garner votes.


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    Every Govt boasts it's achievements. It is very common. Election time is the best time for this. There is no point in telling it after the elections.

    BJP agenda is enveloped by the doctrine of nation first and everything else after that. So, they will sing the patriotic songs wherever they get an opportunity. There is nothing wrong in it.

    This is the first time in the history of independent India that we have shown our might to the enemies. The ruling party will definitely like to take advantage of it.

    Every patriotic citizen of this country will like this nationalistic attitude.

    Knowledge is power.

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    BJP government has cleared the orders to go ahead with Surgical strike to the armed forces. It is true that the armed forces are under the government. But the execution is done by the armed forces and the victory is mainly due to the armed forces. But if the government has not given clearance to the armed forces can't do anything. This is what was happening in earlier governments. But this government has taken a bold decision. We should appreciate the government for taking that decision and we should appreciate the armed forces for the way they have executed the operation. We should give due credit to both of them.
    However, BJP need not say that operation is their victory. But in India, it is the practice to talk more about their victories than their failures. The same is being done by BJP also. They are following the Practice.
    No Party will leave any small issue also without claiming their part in any victory and blaming others for the losses.

    always confident

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    While BJP claims its victorious surgical strike, why are they not praising their release of a terrorist to save the passengers of the flight in Kandahar during their past BJP rule? There their diplomacy failed then, but here the army achieved it. So no credit to the Party in power. It was the government that should take credit for it. It should not be a point in election manifesto to seek votes.
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    The present regime is showing more thrust in nationalistic matters and showcasing it everywhere. They might be getting some advantage out of it though we can only find out it after the elections results are out.

    In our country this behaviour appears to be unusual but it is happening in Israel, Japan, China, Korea, France and many other countries since decades. They are always talking nationistic things and highlighting their victory on the enemy.

    For us it is appearing a new thing but world regimes have long back adopted these tactics.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Being an Indian , irrespective of the parties should feel proud of the achievement of Indian Armed forces. The credit goes to not only to the Government but also our brave soldiers and every Indian who stood with them. There is nothing like who should take credit or who should not take credit. Every Indian should take credit.
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    Why can't they include Balakot strike in election campaign?
    The strike gave a clear message that whoever supports terror groups in Pakistan need to understand that they are not getting anything free from now on….
    That was all about weighing risks and benefits….very dangerous period of time…Only strong political leadership can take such type of decision.

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    The surgical strike and Balakot have happened only because of the present Government. The utterly irresponsible members of the family, spineless, obfuscating Prime Minister and decision-averse Defence Minister couldn't allow such daring decisions.

    Now, the present Government would definitely publicize such daring acts.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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