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    Do you find any speciality in BJP manifesto?

    BJP yesterday announced its national manifesto. The main points include the construction of Rama Mandir in Ayodhya, Women's reservation bill, dual nationality, special status to Kashmir to be slashed, Kisan Samman scheme, pension to farmers over 60 years, Metro facility to 50 more cities, etc. All these different promises made by Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah at different times of elections. There were no attractive new things in this manifesto as announced by BJP. In order to encash votes, all these old things were brought it to its manifesto. They forgot about Ram Mandir in the last 4.5 years and now it became an election mantra for them. When they are not able to do when the party in the majority what they can do now?
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    The present BJP leadership has chosen to broadly focus on two things or a mix of two broad things. Firstly, the party or Sangh Parivar's ideological moorings on nationalism, strong military, strong security infrastructure, abrogation of Article 370 relating to special status to J&K, removal of Article 35A from the Constitution relating to property right in Kashmir valley, exploring possibilities of construction of Ram temple, Uniform Civil Code, protecting cultural heritage, etc.

    Secondly, the stress on ideologically neutral issue of development, making India US$ 5 trillion economy by 2025 and US$ 10 trillion economy by 2032, 8% growth rate for next five years, mission mode on water, mega investment in agriculture and building infrastructure and time-bound fulfillment of 75 promises on 75th anniversary of Indian Independence by 2022.

    The reiteration of core ideological issues in the manifesto is a message to the party and Sangh Parivar's support base that after being in power for five years and while seeking another five year term in office BJP has neither forgotten, nor has deviated from its core beliefs which for all these decades have been binding force for the Sangh Parivar. By making a proper mix of nationalism and development, BJP has sought to tell the people and its critiques that development and nationalism are complementary to each other.

    BJP believes that it is going to comfortably return to power and thus it was important for it to make promises which were consistent to its core belief and people's aspiration,

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    Frankly speaking the manifesto of a party is always inclined towards vote mobilising politics and BJP is not an exception. So, from that angle there will be points in manifesto to please the gullible and common voters.

    At the same time the BJP manifesto boldly talks of national progress and issues of national honour. It promises for progress of the nation through public participation and honest practices.

    From these angles the BJP manifesto is very impressive and the patriots, irrespective of their cast, creed and religion in this country, will like it.

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    BJP first complete last manifesto things and later add new things in manifesto.

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    The manifesto is one thing made to attract people and see that they will get votes. Not only BJP but all other parties will be doing the same. Congress ruled the country for many years. If they have fulfilled the promises made in their election manifestos today's India might have been a different country altogether. Unfortunately, that has not happened.
    BJP is at least talking something about the promises what they have made in earlier elections. It is an indication that they have not forgotten their last time promises. So we should appreciate for that realistic approach. They are talking about the progress of the country and other issues related to Nation.

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    Being a Hindu, what the Congress party has done for my religion would be good enough reasons to vote for BJP this time & during the coming times too.

    In addition, the manifesto of the Congress party has a communal angle wherein they are included with attracting the voters of a particular community. They are in against to the abolition of Article 370 & has also announced to Omit Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (that defines the offence of sedition). They don't speak of the Kashmiri Pundits but would prefer to speak to the Separatists in the Kashmir valley. They also promised to lessen the empowerment to the Army & in a way would be limited to the LOC & many more which doesn't give us the impression of the nationalistic approach would be giving me another reason to not to vote for the Congress party.

    The others can take another 70 years to analyses this & than can decide on their vote preference.

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    One thing I must tell you all. Only if BJP resume governance, we all will be able to see new Rs. 1000/- currency note. This they have not said in the election manifesto, but I think it is a hidden manifesto. Modi needs a second term to fulfill all the works he started with. Modi's plan is to retrieve 2000 and issue 1000. All those who stored their 2000 will suffer to get their 1000/-. Hope I am not wrong with my perception.

    In general, BJP's election manifesto is worth than the Congress manifesto of false promises.

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    There is nothing new in the BJP manifesto and as usual it has a nationalistic undertone. Their manifesto is depicting their ideology and way ahead if they win the elections.

    People are reading between the lines and trying to derive something which is not there in the manifesto.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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