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    Let discuss: Which party has released better manifeso (Congress or BJP)?

    Dear all,
    As we know both the major parties have released their manifesto. In your opinion, which party has released better manifesto? Do these parties really serious to complete the promises made in their manifesto?
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    Most of the parties give a bright and impressive manifesto but when it comes to execution there are departures and in some cases prominent departures.

    So, it is difficult to assess the manifesto of a party without seeing their actual performance against it.

    The manifesto of Congress is like a business deal that if you vote for them they will give such and such facilities. On the other hand the BJP manifesto is talking of progress of the country and has nationalistic attitude.

    Prima facie the manifesto of the BJP looks more realistic and graceful and has a hidden national honour and patriotism. It is clearly bringing out the fact that nation first and everything is after that.

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    We gave chance to BJP, but they had no power to complete any things which was in last manifesto. I think, Congress peoples are better in putting efforts in completing promises. Three states MP, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh, Govt. is working towards the promises they made. This is the proof that they will complete more promises, if they come to power.
    BJP is loosing large number of seats in hindi heartland. So, next time cunning peoples of BJP will say we can't make RAM Temple because we are in coalition.
    So, I believe more on Congress as compared to BJP. Congress people are more educated as well.

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    What could not be done by the Congress during their many decades rule has been started with BJP. Demonetization, GST, Surgical strike etc are the bold and courageous things to appreciate.

    Congress is doing business with their election manifesto saying "If you vote for me I will give you so much." It is almost a bribe to the public and a corrupt practice.

    BJP started with new things that require time to complete. Hence a second term is necessary. They have repeated it in this manifesto.

    Congress is talking about NYAY after many decades of ANYAY.

    To me, BJP's election manifesto (Sankalp Patra) is the best.

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    Any party will think of success and victory for them in the elections. So when they give promises they will see that the voter will get attracted toward them and vote for them. Once they win the elections they may fulfil their promises or not, we don't know and the people will also forget. How many people in India will vote for the best manifesto?
    Now coming to the manifestos of the two major parties that is Congress and BJP. there is a vast difference. Congress says about the free Sops they are going to give to the people if they come to power. They say about Rs.6000/- per family. They are not talking anything about the availability of funds for these Sops and there is no talk about their plans for the development of the country. You give me a vote and I will give this. This is what I understand from their promises.
    BJP is talking about their success story which some people may feel as not correct. They are talking about some development activities they are going to undertake. Overall I feel that BJP's manifesto is more realistic than the other one.

    always confident

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    I would like to refer to the below link wherein we still got with few unanswered questions from the members.

    What a funny money from Ambani for NYAY!

    In addition, the Congress party who ruled the country for more than 45 years in direct administration & for more than 10 years in the alliance partnerships with the majority of states once ruled by this same party is requesting for one another term in order to give justice to the people of this nation & to the majority of us is having a faith in them. I don't know about how we refer to this whole picture?

    The manifesto of the Congress party has a communal angle wherein they are included with attracting the voters of a particular community. They are in against to the abolition of Article 370 & has also announced to Omit Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (that defines the offence of sedition). They don't speak of the Kashmiri Pundits but would prefer to speak to the Separatists in the Kashmir valley. They also promised to lessen the empowerment to the Army & in a way would be limited to the LOC & many more which doesn't give us the impression of the nationalistic approach.

    Just opposite to this the BJP manifesto has got a nationalistic approach & I find no reason about why the BJP shouldn't be given with another term.

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    Both the manifestos are in the theoretical state. We do not have a system of checking the performances vis-a-vis promises made so till that time what we see is a collection of points to lure the gullible public cum voter.

    So it will be too early to compare them without seeing the practical side.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    #662156 / Neeru Bhatt, well this is surely the safest side on all & seemingly taking on the things diplomatically but what is your experience considering the current leadership of any the political parties & with the last 5 years stand by any of them?

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    In my opinion the Manifesto of BJP is more realistic than Congress manifesto. I have my own doubt if congress comes to power how their Government will make budgetary provision for Rs. 1.8 lakh Cr. per annum for disbursement under NYAY. Congress was in power for so many years and they never thought of such schemes before. Why now?. It likes congress has come out with this idea , just to counter BJP.
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