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    Good news for Investigative journalism - Supreme court accepts photocopy of Rafale docs

    Today morning started with a good news that the SC bench has decided to consider the photocopied documents related to the Rafale deal. It gives a big pushup to the journalists who risk a lot of bring information being hidden by the Government into public domain. This paves way for making sure that human rights abuse and corruption by the Government is not protected in the name of National Security. What do other reasonable members think?
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    Photocopies too can be fake in this technologically advanced world. Anything can be created (not copied)and manipulated for advantage. Haven't we seen duplicate certificates (like the original) issued by authorities and caught? The law would take a long course and time to complete the investigation with the photocopies acquired.
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    We can easily manage photocopies without having an original. It is not very difficult. There are many fake certificates like this in circulation. Now supreme court has to enquire how the journalist got the Xerox and then they have to catch hold of that person and inquire how he got. So all this is to be proved as a correct document. There is a long way to go.
    Truth can't be kept secret for long. All truths will come out one day. But we have to give sufficient time. Bofors case which was almost 25 years old issue is still not finalised. So it is a matter of time. Till such time we need not be happy or unhappy about this happening.

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    Whichever Govt does a big procurement of military items or other costly items eventually falls in the trap of an enquiry and Rafale is no exception.

    So let the court find the truth and whoever is guilty will be punished like all earlier cases many of which are still under trial.

    Why we are in so much hurry for this particular case. Let us be patient and wait for court verdict like we are waiting for all other cases.

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    The then Defence Minister Monokar Parikar is no more. He was the right man to explain what happened in the Rafale deal. If there are any signed documents by Modi or Nirmala of illegal corrupt Rafale deal, then it will be a great issue to sit over and investigate.

    There should be no hesitation in booking the culprit whomever they may be.

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    The Government has told the Supreme court that the documents should not be considered since they come under Secrets Act which prevents leaking of Defence documents. However, since the documents are already out, the Court has ruled that since it is a matter of Corruption, the documents would be considered.

    At no point has any institution doubted the authenticity of the documents. I don't know why the members here are making such a mistake.

    @Neeru, please read what is being discussed. No one is saying who is guilty and who is not. The matter of discussion is just that how the Court has validated that even Defence deals, if they are under suspicion of Corruption or Human Rights violation, can be taken up for scrutiny in the Court.

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    Yes, the government already agreed a photo copy of the agreement was stolen and the agreement leaked out. But the members responding to this are saying someother thing unrelated to this issue.

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    Before finding out the facts from the stolen document, the Defence ministry or the police or the court should try to find out the culprit who is involved in getting the documents from the Defence ministry and handed over to the media for personal benefit. Was it with the motive of getting benefitted or for shaming the ministry and the ruling BJP or to help our enemy countries?

    It is really under the Official Secrets Act of India and disclosure of such documents will have a serious impact on our defence force.

    Who is the black sheep in the Defence Ministry? This can be answered by 'The Hindu' only. Does investigative journalism mean - Steal or rob things for investigation?

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    Have you cared to look at the documents? There is nothing in the docs that leaks any sensitive data to help an enemy country. However, there are certain portions which can be interpreted as undue concessions on the instance of PMO even even the experts did not agree to those. However, that is a matter for the court to decide on.

    The Hindu is a responsible journalist organization and they won't be so callous to reveal information that harms the country. But they have a responsibility to bring out truth if a wrong has been done. The Court had ruled the same, the secrecy under Secrets Act is overruled if there is a matter of Corruption or Human Rights abuse.

    And Sun, those documents belong to the Government and the Government belongs to the public. You and me are as much an owner of that document as is any Indian citizen.

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    Actually BJP was telling that this Defence document can't be shown. Because of National interest and those who did this should be deal with Police and court etc.
    I always said If National interest thing has Corruption involved and posssible corruption thing then that thing should be investigated. Because Corruption and favoritism is crime and against our Nation too.

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    If all the secret affairs, especially the matters relating to India's defence is made public, then there is no secrecy in it. Why should someone get into the defence matters to investigate? There are government agencies and courts to investigate the complaint lodged by someone. Why should 'The Hindu'?

    I will agree if the opposition party suspecting corruption in the defence deal, they should take up a case with the court to get the case investigated. Why should 'The Hindu' steal the documents through illegal means and produce it to the court?

    Should we not say "The Hindu Chor Hai." Aur The Hindu ke saath kaun kaun chor hai? Let us find out.

    Let the court first investigate this against the investigative journalist(the Hindu) as to who, where, when and how they stole these secret documents. Is it not a serious crime to deal with by the court? Then investigate the contents of the documents to book the culprit if found guilty.

    I would say that it is not investigative journalism but Chor Journalism or Stealing Journalism.

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