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    What is a true friendship?

    We have many friends. Friends are different and true friends are different. Many people may be friends with you when they have some work with you. But once they feel you are of no use when you have no money or no power, they may forget you. But a true friend should be with you always and should help in case of need. We find rarely that type of friends. Many frogs will be there in the well. But all will go away when there is no water in the well.
    The friendship between Krishna and Arjuna is a true friendship. But the friendship between Karna and Duryodhana is not a true friendship. Karna made friendship with Duryodhana as he has given him some kingdom to rule. Duryodhana has given him the Kingdom as he will be useful to him in defeating Pandavas in the war. Krishna can kill all the evil forces by himself. But he has seen that credit will go to Arjuna and he supported him in the war. Arjuna never expected any favour from Krishna and he followed him very sincerely. They have demonstrated what is a true friendship. I like to hear the views of other members on this topic.
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    The friendship you call it between Krishna and Arjuna was not a friendship but a strong family relationship. Arjuna was the son of Kunti who was aunt to Krishna. Krishna's daddy Vasudeva was the brother of Kunti. Hence they maintained a good relationship and friendship.

    As you rightly said, Karna and Duryadana friendship was a friendship but borne out of compulsion under the advice of evil Sakuni whose goal was to destroy the Guru dynasty. Both Karna and Duryodana maintained it. Karna being a charioteer son, could not desist Duryodhana because of the Anga kingdom presented to him.

    Wherein, I would say that real friendship existed between Krishna and Sudhama. Sudhama, though Krishna's friend, never dared to plead him of help despite poverty. But his true friend Krishna realised his poverty and helped him at the end. Krishna being a King accepted a handful of ordinary rice flakes packed by Sudhama's good wife.

    Also, I would say that friendship existed between Lord Sri Ram and Hanuman was great.

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    Friendship is a thing which people really enjoy. You share everything with your friends. In friendship, we help each other and even go out of the ways. A true friendship is a thing to cherish. The nectar of good friendship is something to relish throughout your life. A good friend is a treasure house in our life.

    Unfortunately, some people are not good friends. They make friendship for selfish motives or to get something done through the friend. We should be careful of such people. They will never help us in our rainy days. They have some hidden agenda and they will change their colour as soon as their purpose is met.

    Sometimes people become friends because of ideological match between them. Like minded people may become good friends but they may not help each other in time of necessity. Such friendship is only up to the liking and disliking. Social media friendship is one such type of friendship in todays world.

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    Now a days it is difficult to have good friends. People are busy in making their career and they do not have time even for good friends.

    Nowadays the culture is also changed drastically. Friendship means to sit together, have some drinks and enjoy the gossip. There is nothing beyond that.

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    Friendship is a bond of love which binds people together to care for each other. It is that relationship which helps one to share his good or bad feelings. A person feels light and enjoys sharing the feeling with his friend. And a true friend is one who supports his friend when every other person leaves to support. When everyone escapes, a true friend comes to one's rescue and pulls him out of the pain.
    Not everyone is blessed to have a true friend. A person who gets a true friend should feel blessed because, in this materialistic world, it is difficult to get a good friend. A true friend can be the guardian of a person. He will not hurt his feeling and always tries to share the bond of love with him. A true friend produces nectar of love and upholds this relationship forever.

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    A true friend is one who is always available to you when you are in trouble. The true friendship is not with any conditions it is unconditional. I have a friend , he says I may not be available in my happy moments , but I can count on him when I'm in problems. This is not just his words. When I call him , next minute he will be available to me. This I believe true friendship.
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