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    Let’s stand with a different perspective in context to the manifestos.

    Now as the two biggest rivals of the Indian political arena have come-up with their manifestos in order to attract with more voters so as to gain with the maximum possible seats in the up-coming election this has indulged into different possibilities. In the ISC itself we got two different perspectives by the different members while few among us are taking the things diplomatically. What if we assume allowing each of the manifestos getting implemented then what according to you would lead with the implications?

    For instance, what if Congress party has come to power & implemented with NYAY than how the circumstances would turn considering the existing scenario of our socio-economic conditions. Likewise other things have also been included with the manifestos like the continuing with Article 370 & Omit Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (that defines the offence of sedition).

    Likewise, we also can go ahead with the manifesto of the BJP.

    Let's discuss on the implications instead of blaming & perhaps by this way we can judge with the outcomes better.
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    In my opinion the parties are not coming with any constructive manifesto. The manifesto has become a political gimmick just to fool the people at the time of voting. A proper manifesto should have proper directions for the governance. Every elections the parties come up with different manifesto's and they forget the points once they are get elected.

    The political parties should be put to strict proof about their achievements during their Governance.

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    In the present scenario, the manifestos became irrelevant. The Indian voter is not really interested in the manifesto. There are more interested in the caste and religion of the candidate contesting. They are more interested how best he will get benefitted personally by voting to a particular person. We can't blame a voter. They were tuned like that by the political leaders. The voters never think about the progress and development of the country. They are more interested in free sops they are going to get. That is how the local leaders tuned the voters for their benefit.

    Anyhow if Congress comes to power and if they wanted to pay minimum Rs.6000/- per family per month to all the people who are getting less than Rs.6000/- per month what will be the expenditure? How the money will come to them? Probably all the income taxpayers should pay 75% of their income as I.T. Even then I think the money is not sufficient. These promises are more to please the people and election gimmicks only.

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    NYAY to the poor is an ANYAY to middle-class Indians as the chance of getting the IT increased. IT is the main source of income to meet NYAY. Instead, Congress should find a different path to find money for the NYAY. Let them say that all poorest of the poor would be given employment to earn a minimum wage per day. Thus, they can get the work done and pay for their work performed.
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