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    Why choose an International School

    While each educational institution has its own set of advantages, international schools provide a unique edge to children.

    Consider the following advantages of attending an international school as you decide on which educational institution is right for your child.

    Exposure to New Cultures
    Growth in Personality
    Participation in More Extracurricular Activities
    Gaining More Career Opportunities
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    From my personal experience, I can say that in 95% of cases, there is nothing ''international'' in those International Schools. This is another mechanism of fleecing money from parents who don't bother about real education and give more importance to the airconditioned environment of the schools, cars, style, and other unrelated aspects.
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    I agree with the comments of Partha. I have seen some schools which are called international schools. But nothing such sort is seen in those schools. This is just for the namesake only and to attract students and get higher realisation in the form of fees. They charge heavy money more for the amenities they provide than the curriculum. These schools will attract rich people and they all will have the habit of spending money easily. No middle-class family should admit their wards in these schools. If they were admitted they will get acquainted with spending money easily and there are all chances to get spoiled.
    So unnecessary going for such schools is acraze but of no use. If we monitor our children regularly and put them in a school where good importance is being given for education is a better way than putting them in such international schools and forgetting them.

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    The basic purpose and advantage of International school suppose to be that the curriculum should be internationally recognised and approved. This facilitates children getting admission in another school abroad. This will help those parents who take up overseas assignments.

    Whether all the international schools have such recognition needs to be verified before admitting our children

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    My opinion could be there is no such requirement for choosing an International school. If we see the difference in such schools we can only traditional difference but not much. Do we really any enormous difference in Normal schools and International schools?

    As you have shared four points which are advantages, we have learned from Government schools and got better opportunities or learned by experience so I think its just advertisement agenda to attract people for admissions. There could be some plus points over to other schools but it's not necessary to opt for an International school for education.
    However, if we consider the situation for schools not only International, they have a weekly agenda for dresses, classes and also other activities. Do we really need all of them? I prefer children to be free and enjoy their childhood instead of making them career orientation and bringing them under discipline in smaller age. We should not choose the children career or chose what they want to be. It's their opinion or their interest what they want to do. I always prefer schools which give attention to the growth of students but also make sure they also enjoy their childhood in open areas or mingle with each other.

    We really need to think what our child should have in his/her childhood, Is it discipline by burden or Enjoying his childhood.

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    International schools have sprung up almost in all the major cities to collect money's manifold in the form of tution fees and other amenities provided by them . The international school is the appropriate tag and under this banner, no one will object to the hefty charges levelled by the management. Their psycology is to grab money from the affluent classes in the name of enriched education
    Though the syllabus content followed by all such schools are parallel to any other schools and in no way, the pupils are benifited substantially other than their slight exposure with the teachers providing better ascent of English language. Constant motivation to speak English may improve their effectiveness towards this language but definitely at the expense of the sorbitant fee being collected by these schools.
    Other schools such as central - schools, government high - schools contribute education in a much better way and the pupils with the meagre tution fees can receive quality education so as to compete the competitive tests without any hurdle.

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    International schools have their brand value. The students can get some advantage in terms of applying to foreign colleges or university.

    Otherwise academically they are not very different and a student studying in an ordinary school can also fare better than them.

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