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    Should there be a system to cross check the promises made by the political parties before elections?

    We need to have a mechanism to check whether the promises by different parties are implemented after elections once they form the government. Do you agree or not?

    In some countries, there are regulatory and monitoring agencies to check the promises versus performance of the elected Govt. We do not have such institutions here.

    I feel we should also have such apex monitoring organizations in our country so that the political parties should think twice before declaring impractical and false manifesto.

    What is your thinking and view in this matter?
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    This could be very good for evaluation if comes in reality. However comparatively it is bit difficult but possible if started to implement from lower institutions or government sectors. If we see countries like US, UK or AUS then they have only two democratic parties always but in India we have multiple political parties and adding to that we also have lot of regional parties per state. We should have system where there should be only two opposite parties and if any local parties should support either one of them. There should not be any other option than this, once this happens then evaluation system will be automatically in place.
    Once we have only two parties in place then each party will evaluate other party and they will try to be best by doing their work. This indeed change system and also build good nation. This could be one of the best option from my perspective .
    If we consider another option then few parties or ministers already have their social appearance where they are showcasing progress of work or evaluating points through social media.Though this option already in place we should have online voting system where people can agree on such progresses. In today's changing world and lot of changes implemented by Government, this could be in reality soon.

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    If there is an evaluation system of the performance of the candidate and make it available to the public so that they will understand the percentage of promises fulfilled during the last 5 years. It can be done at least at the party basis. But unfortunately, in our country, there is no such system. Even such a system is there also how many of our voters are having such an awareness of the development of the country.
    It is unfortunate that Indian voters easily forgets the sins made by these political leaders. They go by caste and religion for voting more than by the performance. Forget about the illiterates and village people, even well-educated people and urban people also will go by the caste and religion.
    So such systems in our country may not work.

    always confident

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    A wishful thinking and a good thought brought up by the author. In our country right now we do not have any check or assessment of the party performance after the election vis-a-vis their promises so it is not possible to achieve that type of cross check on the political system.

    If Govt takes up this bold step and incorporates regulation to this affect then making a manifesto will be a difficult and real job for the political party as they will have to be responsible for the deficiencies and failures against their promises.

    I feel it is still a dream to think like that in our country as we are still in the primitive times in this context.

    Knowledge is power.

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