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    Is Rs 72000 scheme of Congress a threat to BJPs poll prospects?

    Does BJP need to worry about Rs 72000 minimum income scheme announced by congress as pre poll promise? Will it eat away its votes especially from the poorer sections of the society? Though lot is being debated about the impracticality of the scheme, its actual implementation and its loopholes. But poor and uneducated people might not think about how it will be implemented actually and they may be lured away by this scheme and cast their vote for Congress and hence dent BJPs vote share.

    Do you think BJP should reply by announcing similar or better scheme to prevent any loss of votes?
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    Yes, this is one of the main items of Congress manifesto which attract a large section of people. Previously in my state, Congress under the leadership of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy announced loan waiver policy and free electricity for farmers helped them to snatch the power from TDP. Similarly, in the last elections, TDP promised loan waivers for farmers helped them to get into power where YSR Congress in its manifesto ruled out. Both of them implemented their promises to some extent. So such promises will help a section of people to get attracted to the party to reap some benefit. But Congress has not advertised this scheme much earlier which may haven't reached all the section of people.

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    I think, Rs 72000 promise may be a boon for other political parties. Traditional middle class supporters of the Party are moving away from them fearing additional taxes.

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    People have lost faith in the Manifesto's of the Political parties. The political parties are not serious about fulfilling the points in the Manifesto's. Once they get elected they forget all these points. They have hundreds of excuses for not fulfilling the Manifesto points. Our memory is also short and forget these points.

    There should be a strict audit of the manifesto by the Election Commission. Election Commission should make public the points of manifesto fulfilled and unfulfilled by the Government. Then only the political parties will be serious about the manifesto.

    Situation will come in future elections , each parties may make assurances in their manifesto for payment of money for all the public. This may result in another way of purchasing votes. Therefore election commission should constitute a censor Committee of experts who will go through manifesto's of political parties to make suitable recommendations/modifications.

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    Thank god. Congress failed to make it more attractive. They could have said that they would pay. 3,60,000 (three lakh sixty thousand)(72000 x5) to each of the poorest of the poor during their 5-year term.

    Only the poorest of the poor(5 crores), not the poor (50 crores)will vote for Congress. All the farmers will vote for the BJP for their Rs.6000/- per year promise(Already implemented). All the taxpayers would vote for BJP for increasing the tax slab to Rs. 5 lakhs. All the middle class would vote for BJP. All the defense personnel will vote for OROP. All hoteliers will vote for GST. All clean people of India will vote for BJP for the initiative taken by Modi to clean India.

    @ It won't affect the BJP's winning chance.

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    Some people might get influenced by this announcement but most of the voters will not believe it. They also know that many times Govt schemes do not reach them so this time also what is the surety.

    Anyway it will not affect the votes of BJP.

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    By introducing this scheme Congress is trying to shift the vote of the poor section of the country toward themselves but in doing it they will get oppose from the middle class specially lower middle class.
    There are different middle-class people who are working very hard to survive in the country and providing free benefit to some section of society, Congress is trying to insult the effort of the middle class. There is an also fear of increasing tax and bad effect on the economy of the country.
    Now from point of view of the poor section, initially they will get overwhelmed by this scheme but it will destroy their work ethics.
    In my opinion, if the government whether BJP or CONGRESS release such a fund they can do these there thing
    1) In exchange of 72000 in a year, the government should take some work from them to complete some task in their area by giving a few days effort
    2) imagine giving 72 k to different people in a village, now these few lakh per year can be used for development work of village and increasing education quality
    3) if proper guidance is provided by the government to set up small shop or business in a village or city, then this 72k fund of few years can be used to make some self sufficient business in that area and making them capable and independent in long term.

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    The main vote bank for the congress are from poor strata. They succeeded in keeping them poor for the last six decades. Now , the initiative of 72,000 is also on the similar lines. No person with self respect will take alms from the Government. Every person wants to earn by working. Yes, the money can be given to a disabled person, aged person who are not in a position to work and earn their livelihood.

    Giving these kind of gratis is not only waste of huge amount from the National exchequer, but also making people lazy and incompetent. The Government should come out with schemes for providing more employment and provide sufficient training to the younger generation on acquiring new skills to get jobs. Instead politicians are fooling the people by making such false promises which against the National interest.

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