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    Our reactions are different for known and unknown people

    I have come across a strange incident few days back. A person driving a two Wheeler accidentally hit a car in front of him as the car driver had applied a sudden break. The driver of the car furiously rushed out and came menacingly towards the two wheeler. I was just few meters away in my vehicle. I was almost certain that the car person is going to hit the two wheeler driver. On seeing the car driver, the two wheeler driver removed his helmet. Strangely they both shook hands , patted each other and left from the scene. Later I came to know that both were friends.

    I was imagining, suppose if they were to be not friends what would have happened?. Why we have this two different behaviours, can we not have the same behavior with everyone?. Will it not help us in gaining more friends than enemies?
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    When we react differently to different people around us, it questions our personality. It raises questions regarding our true nature. We adjust, adapt and change our colour similar to chameleon with every passing second. It all depends on the people around us and the circumstances prevailing outside.

    Life becomes easy if our reactions did not change depending on the people. We make our lives simpler if we stop discriminating between strangers and friends. Whether the person is known or unknown should not matter to us.

    If we are loving and compassionate towards our friends, why can't we show the same love and compassion towards everyone? It is we who choose to practice different behaviours towards different people. It is our choice to behave differently towards others or stop discriminating.

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    Definitely, the reaction will depend on the other person. If the other person is known to us we will be a little soft and if he is unknown we may behave a little bitter. If we are at fault we will be a little bit slow and if we are on the right path we will be very furious.
    Many incidents can be cited as examples of this. When we are travelling on a true wheeler if an unknown person asks for a lift we may hesitate as we don't know the mentality of the person. But if a known person stops us we will give the lift.
    If a known person is in difficulty we will go and try to help him. If an unknown person is in difficulty we may express our concern for him but we may not go and serve him.

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    Very true. Our behaviour changes with individuals depending upon the acquaintance with them.

    You can fight freely and vehemently with a unknown person on the roads but it will not be similar with a known person.

    This is what we call the hesitation of misbehaving with the known people and is a common attribute in the human civilisation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is human nature to react differently depends upon the place and people. Humans are social beings who connected with others in their surroundings. We can't treat known and unknown people in the same way and it won't work well. Sometimes we need to adjust things for the people who are close to us. It will help us to evolve as a good person in society.
    There are people who have multiple circles in their surroundings as they will behave differently with a person who is very closer to him than others who are not that much close to him. We can see such kind of attitude by people in our day-to-day life.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    The author has nicely pointed out our way of behaving with others through an example. We are lenient towards people known to us but misbehave with unknown persons for the same mistake. This may be because of the soft corner we develop on people known to us. When somebody knows you as a good person, you don't want to lose your reputation. But when somebody is not aware of you in any way, it doesn't matter much about what she/he thinks about yourself.

    We must practise behaving in the same way with everybody without differentiating between known and unknown persons and for this, we must be assertive enough. If we are assertive then our actions will be very straight forward and we can easily tell others about our choices.


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    It is not possible to have the same reaction with all people. Our emotional, physical and verbal reaction depends on situation, place and our backup. Even if most factors remain the same, then our reaction would change depending on the people opposite to us.

    For instance, higher authorities, the boss, senior citizens, a big crowd, influential people of the locality often evoke a milder reaction or no reaction at all. This is how we have molded ourselves in society. It is partly survival instinct, our outlook and also when the heat of the moment passes off.

    Having the same reaction or approach to all issues and everyone may not be practical and on a lighter vein may be monotonous without any ups and downs in our daily lives.

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