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    Your opinion: Will Rahul Gandhi's candidature bring development in Wayanad?

    As far as I know, Rahul Gandhi has been the MP of Amethi since 2004. Before 2004, his mother, Sonia Gandhi, had been the MP of Amethi since 1999. Rahul Gandhi's late father was the MP of Amethi during 1981–91. Rahul Gandhi's father, Late Rajiv Gandhi, was also the Prime Minister of the country from 1984–89. Before that, Rahul Gandhi's late uncle, Sanjay Gandhi had been the MP of Amethi (elected in 1980). During 1992-99, Rajiv's trusted friend, Captain Satish Sharma, was the MP of Amethi.

    Despite having so many illustrated MPs, most of whom are from the first political family of India, if we visit Amethi, we would feel that we have suddenly reached a semi-rural place of the 1940s or 1950s. The light of development has not reached most areas of this unfortunate constituency. Education and development have almost farcical words in Amethi.

    Similar would be the case of Wayanad if it elects Rahul Gandhi as its MP. This well-developed constituency of Kerala will surely go the Amethi way, if it elects Rahul Gandhi.

    This is my personal opinion. What about yours?
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    Congress has chose the seat of Wayanad due to strategic reasons and right now their intention is to win the seat and compensate the risk of failing in the Amethi constituency.

    The aspect of development and progress in the area is altogether a different thing as that will depend upon the local people and political groups of the Wayanad that how much they can get from Rahul Gandhi once he gets elected from there. Morally speaking, Congress is supposed to pay back the local public in form of certain schemes and progressive ideas but seeing the example of Amethi, we do not know whether the Congress party will take it seriously or not.

    So the local affiliations of the Congress party must hammer this point with the Congress party and try to get at least some assurances from them failing which they can start showing the apparent threat of next lok sabha elections may be in the year 2024 in that area.

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    It seems, not to develop Amethi is a strategic political plan by the Party!
    If they develop the constituency what they promise in the next election?

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    I am sure, if he wins, Rahul will visit Wayanad one day for one hour during his entire 5 years and forget for the rest of the days. His candidature from Wayanad is to become an MP and PM. Rest will certainly go in Amethi way.
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    The development has no relation with winning from a place. After winning election, the candidate may be busy in certain matters and just forget his constituency and it's development. This is not a unusual thIng. In many constituencies it happens.

    So, we can not say that there will be development immediately after election.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Development can be done if Rajiv Gandhi concentrates on the development of the constituency and spends money from his MP funds and visits frequently the constituency and interact with people. He is a very big leader and getting funds from the government may not be difficult for him.
    But if he is not interested in developing the area, then it is a different story.
    It may be true that they don't want to develop the constituency they won as it will become difficult for them next time to give some more new promises and fulfil them. If they are not in the majority they can blame and say that the ruling party has not given the required funds to see the development of the constituency.
    MPs will come only before elections and after winning they may not even come to the area. They will be busy with their self-development programmes and other works.

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    If we compare Amethi and Wayanad then Wayanad is really good place and have better development which is developed by local or in state government. Wayanad is well known place for tourist due to dense forest areas and very good nature. In despite of all these though Rahul Gandhi will be elected from this constitution development will not be concern for this region but as shared in above comment he may appear in this constitution for a moment for victory rally if elected and may not even go there till next election. This is not only valid for Rahul Gandhi we have lot of ministers who stand in regions for election and after victory ignores such constitution. People should understand this and show such ministers their value. Now a days people are aware about all concerns, political movements so they should act wisely so that going forward ministers will think before choosing constitution.

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    Most of the parts of Kerala have already been developed by the locals and the government. There won't be any much need to develop the already developed Wayanad of Kerala. Rahul Gandhi with his Mom, sister and BIL can come to Wayanad on picnic or holiday trip regularly once in a month or in a quarter or half yearly or yearly, and enjoy Kerala life. But I don't think it will happen.
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    We all know that why Rahul Gandhi has come to Waynad. His party is ensuring that their Prime Ministerial candidate should get elected. His choosing of back up seat from Waynad gives an impression that his victory from Amethi is not certain. These strategies are seen in other parties too.
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