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    Parents expect their children to take care of them during their old age.

    Generally every parent expect their children to take care of them during their old age. But is it right on the part of parents to expect such things from their children. I have come across many such parents who have sold their property or mortgaged their property to meet the higher education of their children abroad. In most of the cases, children after completion of their education take up employment abroad and neglect the parents. Parents who have sold their property are left in lurch.

    There are also parents who had taken educational loan for their children. But children fail to repay the loan and the parents are burdened with repayment of loan.

    What the parents should do in such situations?
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    Always parents try to give the best possible for their children. They will go more than their limit to their children in getting the education and see that they will be well in their lives. Once the children are well settled, they feel satisfied and think that their mission is fulfilled. But parents should also think about their old age and they should keep some reserves for them so that they will be independent and they need not have any financial problems. No doubt we have to see our children are well off. But we can't get dependent on them in our old age. As a matter of fact, once the children get married their priorities will change. They have to take care of their wives and children.
    They will have their requirements.
    But more than financial requirements, a handholding help is required from their children for the parents during their old age. But unfortunately, they have to help their children by taking care of their grandchildren.
    I always feel that if we accumulate sufficient money we need not worry about the children's help for our old age.

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    In our culture and society the parents and children have a hidden bond and parents will do their best for the children whether they repay it back or not.

    This is deep rooted in our culture and we can not see that our children are unsuccessful and depend on others for livelihood. In that passion we do everything for them but if they do not care for us in our old age then we simply curse our luck and keep quiet.

    In the developed countries, it is not like that. The parents do not support the children after a particular age. There are earning opportunities also there for the children and it is not necessary for everyone to go for higher education. So, there culture is different in that respect.

    In our county we will also have to change our attitude in this matter as giving all our money for their education will not be a prudent thing. But, yes we have to take care up to a certain stage and then let them be on their own. This looks a hard decision to take but with the changing world we have also to change ourselves.

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    It's true that parents do expect that their children will take care of them when they turn old. But in many cases, it is not happening and the parents are neglected. The problem is deep-rooted and we have to look into some issues to understand it in a better way. For any parent, the well-being of the children is a priority and they go to any level to see their children happy and content. For many parents, the education of their children is utmost important and they want their daughters/sons to score high marks in every level to get the coveted job. Even there are parents who do not allow their children to play or mix with others fearing this will hamper their studies. To them, studying hard and getting a high paying job is the only thing they expect from their children.

    When a child is nurtured in this way it is natural for her/him to think later that parents are doing all these so that they can earn more money. They begin to think that earning more money is the priority and only thing in life and the rest can be neglected. Even they feel disturbed if parents talk to them for a long time. They think everything is a wastage of time and the more you can earn the better. This attitude develops in children because of the thought process of their parents during early life. These parents suffer a lot when they become old and complain to others that they have toiled so hard for their children's education but got nothing in return.


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