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    Why the God of Politics prefer a lady non-family member as PM or CM

    India had many lady Chief Ministers and one Prime Minister. Indira was the only lady Prime Minister, and she was a widow. There were/are three Lady Chief Ministers viz Jayalalitha, Mayavathi & Mamta Banerjee. All these three Chief Ministers are unmarried spinsters without a family.

    Why the God of politics is not gracious enough to have a lady with family to be PM or CM. What could be the reason?

    Again from the BJP, we had a Bachelor PM (Mr. AB Vajpayee) and now we have a Bachelor PM(Mr. Modi). And another Bachelor boy Rahul Gandhi is trying to be PM.

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    It is always good for the Nation that the person holding the highest position in public life is without family. Persons with family are bound to commit mistakes due to the influences by the family members. The root for corruption is desire of a person to accumulate property or money to their family members. A person without family is free from all these and he can provide fair governance.

    This is applicable not only to the politicians but also to the public servants.

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    If that is the case, why not we have all our politicians unmarried or widow or divorcee? You are right. To eradicate corruption, it should be one of the eligibility criteria to contest election to Parliament or Assembly. A good response from you.

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    Probably if a lady with a husband becomes the PM, her husband may take an upper hand that is why God of Politics is preferring a lady without the husband only as CM or PM. In Villages, presidents will be elected by the villagers. As per the reservation policy, some village president posts are reserved for Ladies. There, for namesake, the lady will be the president but all decisions will be by her husband only. The same thing may happen in the case of CM/PM. That may be the reason.
    Modi was not a bachelor. He married but left her. Atal never married. Chances of becoming PM will be more I think for unmarried or divorced or widows, I think.

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    Very interesting post by the author.

    It is true that if one is not bound to family responsibilities, one can concentrate more in his work and devote more time for the duties.

    At the same time we have so many male or female bachelors in our country in the age group of 40 to 60 but they are not getting these opportunities for success.

    Anyway, in a sample out of about 130 crores of people in our country all combinations are possible but only those attract our attention which are unique and coincidental.

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