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    Which Election survey is showing nearly correct result for India Elections 2019?

    We have a lot of News channels in our Television and all New channels are showing opinion polls and survey results, but which News channel has a much better and perfect survey which can be very near to the election result?

    We know nobody is 100 percent correct but it can be 90% correct. Share your own experience and views on this.
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    The National Channels who are having a very good network all over the country and who will conduct the survey with a better sampling method will predict the results correctly. I have seen the results of Telangana elections surveys after the poll. Almost all the surveys indicated that TRS will win. But no one predicted that much majority.
    But Local channels are not able to get their surveys done very accurately. They failed many times.
    The National channels also will have some affiliations and they will try to show more favourable results to their affiliated party of the surveys they conducted before the elections. But the surveys conducted after the election will be more accurate. Anyhow, I can't single out a TV channel which is always correct and which is always inaccurate. It may be different from one election to other election.

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    Don't believe in a survey conducted by TV channels, Newspapers and any other media. No survey can be trusted with 100 % accuracy. I would say that an election survey is a time pass activity now. Same is the case with astrologers who predict the election results. They are also not accurate with half baked knowledge.
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    Let us wait and watch. After the final declaration of results, we will be in a position to check and compare. But an interesting thing to observe in this context. Those channels which are known as Modi supporters, are predicting the lowest number of seats for NDA. Isn't it ironical?
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    Most of the channels are biased and have political affiliations so it is difficult to believe them.

    We have to use our own judgement and the facts and figures to reach at a prediction which appears logical from analytical point of view.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Actually Modi will loose 100 +seats as compared to 2014 and most TV channels will give lot more seats to be on safe side.

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    "Actually Modi will loose 100 +seats as compared to 2014 and most TV channels will give lot more seats to be on safe side."---------------What does this sentence mean? Does this have any meaning? Kindly someone clarify.
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    @partha Kasabian
    BJP is loosing large numbers of seats in Hindi heartland. BJP will get less than 175 seats.
    You are targeting members in every second thread with questions. Creating personal debates, which should looked by editors seriously.

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    The Editors should also seriously take up the matter of writing the Members' names correctly. Earlier, most probably the ME herself raised a thread on this issue.
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    Rahul - please do put the names of members correctly. Even editors sometimes are erring, which is not good. You need not answer needless queries of other members. Just ignore it instead of responding back. Also, editors will take care of things as and when required.
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    Rahul ,
    You keep beating around the bush with BJP175, BJP 175 - BJP 175 only. This thread is to know whose prediction or survey is accurate to believe. Do you have an answer to respond?

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    I tried best to put his full name correctly. Because he was using full name few months ago. If mr partha name is incorrect, it is my fault.

    @ Sun
    BJP is going to get only half seats in every state of Hindi belt few states are MP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra etc. Also even in karnataka BJP will get half seats. So, that why Amit shah and Mr Modi is visiting Bengal, Eastern states and odisha to cover some seats. Because they know this is last time for Modi, Now or never.

    I hope people don't expect BJP to perform like 2014 and hence BJP will get 175 seats only.

    I also wanted to remind members about Exit polls for MP, Raj. and Chattisgarh. Most TV channel was favoring BJP but ultimately Congress covered and formed govt. So, Exit polls usually happen with more vocal voters which is usually vote for BJP and Exit polls most of the time don't represent villages where Congress did well in states like Gujarat, MP, Raj, Chattisgarh, Punjab etc.

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    The thread heading clearly wants a discussion on the accuracy of the surveys. What is the opinion of the Members regarding the accuracy? Which survey, do you think, is most accurate? Why does the Member is bringing the party again and again?

    I fully agree with Mr. SuN (what he said in his last response).

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    Please do not give your prediction for vote result and not make this thread for another example of survey and discuss only relevant question and be with topic.
    I think some opposition peoples are here to support some parties that is the reason they are giving hsi prediction.

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