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    Please help me to help my daughter

    My daughter is nowadays very excited. This is the first time she will vote. Her name has been included in the voters' list and she has received her brand new Election Id Card. Yesterday, she asked me how she would choose a suitable candidate.

    I told her to check the names of the candidates contesting from the New Delhi constituency where we stay (after a few weeks), know the parties with which the candidates are affiliated, check the track record of each candidate from the internet, find out their parties' manifestos and then choose a suitable candidate. I also tried to educate her about NOTA.

    I would request the Members to let me know if any point(s) has/have been left out. I want that my daughter votes with complete knowledge like a ideal citizen.
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    Voting for first time is always a thrilling activity as you feel you are choosing a Govt which will rule the country. Everyone wants that the country should be ruled by good people who can guide the people in the progressive side and inculcate the national pride in them.
    For a student who is going to vote for the first time it may not be so easy to decide.

    What I suggest is there are some subjects in our school courses which give us an insight in the communities in the world and how India stands among them.

    So, a quick reading of Indian history as well as world history and the main wars and our role in them, attacks and invasion on India and our reaction to them and things like that will give the student an idea to know our roots and place in the world and in that reference he or she can decide whom to vote. Without this background it will be a difficult task for the student to take a prudent decision.

    In this case the student has the advantage that her father is already having a good nack of history and she can get a lot of help in understanding the basic things before reading the serious parts of our history.

    Let us not vote on appearances and superficial masks worn by the candidates.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Exercising our franchise is our primary duty. Voting first time I'm sure has different feeling altogether. We need to guide our children to elect a good candidate.
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    "We need to guide our children to elect a good candidate."--------But how? Mr. Umesh has given me some guidance. What is your suggestion, Mr. Krishandas?
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    Mr. Partha,
    Should a small little fish be taught by a mother fish how to swim? Who can be a better guide than Partha (A great name of Lord Krishna) who knows much about the party and the candidate who should be elected from your constituency? What you said is enough to your daughter. I am sure, she will vote the candidate to whom you vote.

    If in confusion, let her press the NOTA button.

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    True. Parents should teach their children about the importance of the vote and they should teach them how to choose the best candidate. But by the next elections, your daughter will understand the politics better and she will know how to select the candidate. You have covered almost all the important points for her. The points to be considered for selection were very clearly told.
    If the track record of the candidates contesting is the same more or less, we should give weight to the party track record also. Otherwise, some percentage to the candidates track record and some percentage to the party and whoever gets the highest percentage should be selected.
    Anyhow your advise to your daughter will make her aware of the importance of the vote. It is true that when we a vote for the first time we can get excited.

    always confident

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    Mr. SuN You have said in your response, "I am sure, she will vote the candidate to whom you vote."

    My father did not teach me this. I have not been teaching this to my daughter.

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    At home, every individual knows the other individual. May it be a habit or thinking or anything. They all know what is good for their family, for their city, for their state and for their nation. In that respect, I am firm that your good daughter will vote to the party you and your wife vote. There is nothing to teach but only understanding.

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    Only once did I vote for the party which my father supported/still supports. After that, I have never voted for that party. And my father knows it very well that I don't have any good opinion about that party. I also don't vote for the party which my mother supports.
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    Yes you did well that you given all understanding before voting so she will able to judge right candidate but even if there is any doubt then she can select Mr. Modi as best candidate all world knows this . Modi is best PM till date for India.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    When your father voted, it was the time where there was no much party except the party which brought us freedom (Hope members will know the party), and you were a young voter. Later, many other parties were born with different ideologies that you got attracted. It is only for the political families to think differently to be in power all the time. We have seen examples of Mother and son from a royal family of Rajasthan divided. There is a family in Tamilnadu where a father and daughter are from different parties. Daughter is B and father is C.

    @But an ordinary nonpolitical family like yours and mine should not be divided. You, your good lady and good daughter should vote for the same party.

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    No, my political ideology is very very different from my father's, mother's, wife's and other relatives' ideology(-ies). And this ideology has been developed by my own experience, understanding and study, not because of the influence of any party or any leader.

    I have written about the reason for developing my political ideology in great detail at Quora. If any of you are interested to read about my mental churning, I can provide the link.

    I don't force my ideology on my daughter.

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    Usually we all influence by others, some in favor and some may choose opposite ideology. This may be due your liking or disliking of one or both the parents and environment.

    For you daughter you may be saying that you are not advising her but your thoughts and talking with your family and relatives is not hidden to your daughter. So, in this manner and in this world most of us is influenced by others.

    So, Best advice for your daughter that she should study things and do the vote and next time again introspect and try to correct things in every field of life, not limited to voting.

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    You have told all the important points to your daughter and hope she will follow them accordingly. I would like to add one thing here. Though at this age she has to remain very busy with her studies, tell her to read the newspaper, or watch a few of the news channels to get some idea about what is happening in the country. Though this generation is very advanced and all the news updates are there at their fingertips, a detailed analysis of a few of the news items will make her idea about the politics more clear. Though I know it will be tough for her to manage some time to go through the news items, at least this will help her to make an informed decision rather than getting influenced by peers or parents.

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