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    All of them can beat Modi hands down

    Behen-ji Mayawati owns Rs. 4000 crores declared assets earned out of her agricultural income. She is one of the most successful farmers of India. Akhilesh Yadav-ji increased Rs 1200 crores personal assets available to him in just one term of Chief Ministership of UP. Sonia Gandhi-ji is the fifth richest politician in the world without even occupying any position. She has not even been employed anywhere.

    Sharad Pawar, Stalin, Laloo Yadav (with his family members) and even the 3-year-old granddaughter of N Chandrababu Naidu can beat Narendra Modi hands down in terms of the properties they possess and have declared.

    Who says that the opposition leaders can't beat Modi? Check their assets. They can beat Modi hands down.
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    Today, I saw a cartoon in 'The Hindu'. All the leaders of the opposition parties (Rahul, Naidu, KCR, Mayavathi, Akhilesh, Mamta and few more) are playing Kabaddi with Modi. All the opposition leaders hands down on Modi. Yet, Modi took his long breath and touched the centre line with his last words and KABBADI ! All declared OUT, Oh! Modi won the match alone.
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    That is the strength of Mr Modi that even after combining all the opposition stalwarts they are looking like a dwarf in front of Mr Modi. This shows the power of honesty and good character and has become a big challenge for the politicians aspiring to replace Mr Modi.
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    True. They can beat him individually also with respect to the money they earned in politics. Modiji is never indulged in any corrupt practices or he will never be after money. He doesn't have any kith and kin to force him to earn money. He never encouraged any of his relatives in politics. Such leaders we will find very rarely. Atalji also never entertained any corrupt practices in government. He resigned from the post just for the shortage of one vote but never tried unethical practices.
    Such leaders were there in Congress also once upon a time. Lal Bahadur Sastry didn't have own house also when he died. PV Narasimha Rao sold his ancestral property to pay the lawyer fees for defending the cases against him in which he was proved innocent.
    People should understand the greatness of Modiji and should vote him to power again. Then only we can see that the country will progress.

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    It is a homogenous group of corrupt people fighting against Modi. What moral right do these people have to make allegations against Modi. No one including media is questioning the people who have amassed wealth to such an extent. What is the source of their income?. These corrupt politicians should be booked and prosecuted under relevant rules.
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    The honesty and boldness of Mr Modi has become a big challenge and problem for all the opposition parties as they are now afraid that if the public follows him in toto then what will happen to their political career. They will have to search some jobs like other earthly mortals do.

    Today the condition in our country is very satirical as public has also come to know about the politicians who have made a wealth and also seen the simplicity and down to the earth attitude of Mr Modi and this is going to be a deciding factor in the coming times as who will rule the country.

    So in negative attributes the opposition can beat him but what about the nationalistic and honest approach, how they will beat him there?

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    This is the beauty of our democracy. All of the politicians whose assets were mentioned in this thread by the author have court cases pending against them and time and again it was reported by different media how corrupt they are. Yet they are fighting elections and talking about corruptions. I do not know how Mayawati, Sharad Pawar, Laloo Prasad Yadav talk about eradicating corruptions when they themselves amassed such wealth through illegal means. Everybody knows this, but nobody says anything. Even we will not be surprised if they garner enough support to win elections. The court cases will remain pending and they will not be proved guilty till they remain active in politics.

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