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    Letter Writing Contest- Write a letter to your parent(s) and win prizes!

    There was a time when letters posted to friends and relatives from different parts of the country and even abroad used to keep our postal department really busy. The situation has changed and except for some official mails, we don't get to find a Postman carrying a bundle of letters to be delivered. In this scenario, let us try our hand at writing letters again. Let it be a revision for those who had been regularly writing letters and a learning experience for those who have never or have rarely written letters.

    It is in this context that we have decided to conduct a Letter Writing Contest.

    What you have to do?
    Imagine that you (with or without family) are staying away from your parents. Write a letter to your parent/ parents. We would like you to come up with letters that are naturally expected in such situations. Please try to bring in fresh and unique topics so that one letter does not resemble the other. We suggest the authors be natural, in their ideas as well as words.

    All members, including editors, can participate in this contest.

    Rules and Guidelines:-

    1. The letter should be in English only.

    2. It should be a proper letter abiding by all the applicable rules, not for an email but one to be sent via postal mail.

    3. You should start and end the letter with a salutation.

    4. Put proper paragraphs, but avoid rambling letters.

    5. We are not putting forward any word limit but please do not write lengthy letters. As has been said earlier, let us be natural in our approach.

    6. Only one letter per member is allowed.

    7. Remember that this is a proper letter, so slang, short forms of words and SMS text or emoticons are not allowed. Inappropriate language and bad words are also not allowed.

    8. Please post your letters as a response to this thread only.

    9. Participants can edit their entries at any time before the closing date of the contest but cannot change the contents as such.

    10. Please do not post your comments/ observations etc in this thread. You may but, ask genuine doubts if any, regarding the contest, for clarification.

    The contest will close on the 16th of this month.

    First Prize- Rs 150/-
    Second Prize- Rs 100/-
    Third Prize- Rs 75/-

    Please note that depending on the number and quality of entries we may give a Consolation Prize of Rs 50/- to one or two participants and may also increase the number of prizes.

    So, what are you waiting for? Let not the ongoing elections interfere in your urge to be creative. Just start sending in your letters. ISC Posts is waiting for the same!
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    Pin- 420011

    Dear family

    I know we just made video calls to each other a day ago, but dad's birthday is around the corner and I wanted to write this letter along with the gift I am sending him. It sometimes get lonely here. When I got placed in a prestigious company like this, I did not think much about what I would go under mentally. I never lived far from you people and now I am in a different land miles away from you. I try to not show that I miss you all a lot. But putting my feelings this way on a paper is easy.

    I can't afford to get late to work here, because dad won't drop me in my office if I did. I know how I used to complain that mom's cooking tastes bland but the food here makes me feel that mom's cooking is sumptuous. There is no one to celebrate my little successes here. I know that everyone goes through these hardships and I must endure them for sometime. But I confess my feelings once in a new moon like this. Keep expecting letters like these. As for what I do here for fun, I explore. You both know how much I love mythology and legends. This place is littered with them. Panchvati, Lena caves, Triambhak, Godavari river, etc..; are my regular places of exploration. There are many mountains and caves here which I love exploring. These natural phenomena are offering me comfort in absence of friends and family. So don't worry about me. The greenery and mystery this place is nourishing me well.
    Are you both taking medicines at time? Try to add some exercise to your busy schedule. And please take of yourself until I return. I keep counting everyday. The training period is coming to an end soon. I will finally be posted in our city the next year. So cheer up you two!

    With love
    M. Aditya

    XYZ nagar

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #662497
    35, St. Mary's Road,
    9th April, 2019

    Dearest Papa,

    It's been a while since I moved to Chennai. I came here last month and do you remember how you wept? I was feeling really gloomy while I was in the train to Chennai. It took me a while to settle down and get a temporary job. So, after around one month I am writing you this letter. When I came here, I knew nobody. Now I know almost 30-40 people near our locality.

    I remember, the first day I reached my PG. Archana Aunty received me with me such a warm welcome that for sometime I forgot that I am in a different city than my hometown. She is just like my own aunt and takes care of little things, just like ma does. By the way, did ma get the saree I bought for her from the online shopping portal? She loves orange, and therefore I chose the orange Kanjivaram silk for her. Just now, one heart touching incident crossed my mind. Last week was your birthday and I was feeling very lonely and wanted to rush home and wish you. My phone signal got jammed and couldn't even call to wish you. I wept all afternoon. Then I approached Archana Aunty and told her my situation. She gave me her phone to call. Remember I apologized to you for calling so late. When she saw my situation, she said she will cook special dishes at night and invited me over for dinner. The dishes constantly kept reminding me of ma. She cooked those dishes which ma cooks for me on my birthday. Of course, she asked me about my favorite dishes prior to cooking.

    I wanted to tell you that please don't worry for me and don't be sad. Although I am sad that I am not near you, I am glad that today I can cook on my own, I pay for my own bills, and I do my own laundry. Aren't you proud of me papa? I am sure you are. Lastly, I want to tell you a really important news. I am...... getting married next Sunday......................Just kidding!!! I am coming back home for two weeks next Sunday. Can't wait to come home and touch you and ma's feet. Give my regards to ma.

    Your darling daughter,

  • #662498
    Tomorrow is the last date to submit entries. Why only two entries until now for this interesting contest? It is hoped that members shake off their lethargy and participate in wholesome numbers.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #662501
    Andhra University Boy's Hostel,
    R.N. XXX
    Peda Waltair Visakhapatnam 15./04/2019.

    My Dear Father,

    I am safe here and hope you and my mother are safe there.

    I couldn't write a letter to you for the last 10 days as I was very busy with my mid-semester examinations. This is the first examination I am facing after joining in my PG course. A good performance in this will give a good impression to all my teachers and chances of getting good support from them will increase. So I concentrated and fared well. By next weekend the results will come and I feel I will get a good rank in these examinations.

    All these days I was never alone and I was with you only. So I am feeling a little lonely. Anyhow when there is no choice we have to accept the realities. I will see that the purpose of my staying here will be fulfilled. I think I am burdening you more for my studies. I request you to excuse me for that. Whatever I give you in return will never be comparable to what you have given to me.

    Hope my mother is doing well. Convey my salutations to her. Hope brothers and sisters are doing well. My best wishes to all of them. After the examinations were over I had been to SImhachalam and had a good darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swami. The temple is very good and maintained very well.

    Most Probably I will have a vacation of 20 days next month for summer. I will plan to come there during that vacation.

    I remain with salutations to you and mother,

    Your loving son


    always confident

  • #662502
    Quarter No. 4
    Company Colony
    Assam - 785685

    Dated: 27 June, 1978

    Dear Mom and Papa,
    Sadar Pranam. We reached here 2-3 days back and today after getting free in the afternoon I was so much remembering you that I thought to write my feelings to you in this letter. I know after my fun and frolic filled marriage now the relative must have left and you must be feeling alone. Please do not feel sad for me as my hubby is taking full care of me and he is aware that I am for the first time going out of my native place. During the journey, he told me that we were going to a remote place but the people there are very good and I might like the greenery and natural beauty of the place amid the tea gardens.

    Mom, I was listening to him but throughout our journey in the train from Delhi to Simalguri, I was thinking about you, Papa, sister and the brother. This is the first time that I am away from you and going to such a remote place in the Eastern part of our country.

    After reaching here we got a small accommodation in the company colony and next day I went out in the town and found that there were all the basic things available and the place was not at all bad as I was apprehending before coming here.

    Our neighbours offered us food the first day and now we have started our own kitchen. We have a kerosene stove and one coal stove and that is sufficient for my basic cooking.

    Mom, I feel so proud of you that you taught me the basic cooking and other household works that I do not feel any difficulty in running the house here. My hubby is all praise for it.

    I know that I will be coming there only next year when he gets his annual leave. Till that time, letters are the only way we can communicate with each other. Do not worry, if you do not get time to write me, I will be continuously writing you a letter each fortnight from here to tell you how things are going on here.

    Day before yesterday, some neighbours came to me asking for any help in case I required it. They told me about their kitty party also and invited me to join it for fun.

    Mom, I miss you people but I am happy here as neighbours are
    so helping and cooperative.

    I also came to know that there is a small auditorium where every week a movie is shown on Saturday. It is a good thing as you know we were going to see movies there almost every week. I love movies.

    Now I close this letter and will write you another letter next week. I love you Mom.

    Ok Mom, take care and convey my love to sister and brother.

    Yours affectionately

    Mom & Papa

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #662509
    "Om" "Jai Sri Ram"

    Chennai -20
    15th April 2019

    My dear Appa and Amma,
    Namaskaram. I am fine here. Hope you are also fine there. This is my first letter to you after joining my new office at Adyar. My new office is better than my old office. And I shifted my accommodation to a nearby hotel. The room rent is cheap and affordable. The mess is also nearby. There is an old lady like my mummy. She serves good homely food. Since the mess serves only vegetarian food, I go to a nearby non-vegetarian hotel where I get good seafood. However, I am missing my Amma's food. It is very hot in Chennai. I need to drink a lot of water to quench my thirst. I think you also must be facing the same heat problem in Tirunelveli. I have planned to come on one week earn leave in the month of May to attend our temple festival. I shall let you know the exact date of my arrival there.

    Dear Appa, You always used to tell me that I should marry immediately after getting into a job. Also, In your last letter, you asked my willingness for marriage. Now I feel the necessity of marriage. You may please look for a suitable daughter-in-law. She should be good looking like my mom. She should be a postgraduate and employed. She should be shorter than me, and she should be between 21 and 24. Preferably, I wish to marry a girl from our own community, and she should be working in Chennai only. In my office, there is a girl. She is fair, beautiful and very smart. I do not know her family details. I am trying to find out her caste and family background. I shall let you know the details in my next letter.

    18th April is the election day. Sorry, I won't be able to vote. Please think and vote for the right party that can take India ahead with good governance. I need not tell you which party you should vote for. I have already told mummy whom to vote. If any party gives you cash for vote, please accept it, but vote for the candidate you like.

    I came to know that my Guru uncle left the world last week. We lost a nice person. Please convey my deepest condolences to Guru Aunt. I shall meet her during my next visit. Sister Shanthi wanted a good grammar book. I already bought it. Tell her that I would bring it when I come home.

    Please convey my regards to our neighbours, relatives and friends. Please take care of your health, and do drop one letter per week.

    This is the first time I am writing a letter in English. Please forgive me for any grammar or spelling mistake. Had I studied in an English medium school, my English would have been far better than this. You can correct my English and inform me in your next letter.

    Yours lovingly

    My new postal address:
    No. 17. Shiva Street, Kailashpuram
    Chennai - 600020

    No life without Sun

  • #662510
    [3rd prize winner]

    C-42, South Moti Bagh
    New Delhi-110021
    15th April 2019 (Poila Baisakh 1426)

    Respected Ma,

    At the very beginning, I offer my respect and 'pranam' to Babu and you on the auspicious occasion of the Bengali New Year 1426. I sincerely pray to the Almighty that the New Year brings joy, prosperity and peace to the members of our family.

    Ma, yesterday, while we were talking over the phone, you asked me about the present weather of Delhi. You also wanted to know about the vegetables, fruits and fish available in the Delhi market in the current season. I could not reply to your question properly because a guest arrived at our residence just at that point of time. So, I am writing this letter replying your queries.

    After the Holi, the weather of Delhi has started changing rapidly. Winter has bid farewell. Summer is arriving slowly but steadily. Temperature is rising. It has already become difficult to go out during noon. But I can see many flowers in the gardens and lawns of our neighbours. Palash flower (Butea monosperma) has made entire South Delhi red or orange. In addition, Kanthali Champa (Ylang Ylang) has been blooming. The sweet smell of this flower is very soothing. On the other hand, the work of sweepers has increased a lot. They have to clean a substantial number of leaves which fall on the ground every day. New leaves are arriving to replace old, fallen leaves. The mango buds have started arriving. I notice a beehive growing in our block.

    So far as vegetables are concerned, the variety of vegetables which we enjoyed during the winter, is no more available. Now, potato, onion, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage and beans are the main vegetables. We are managing with two-three types of fish. In any case, Shonai (your granddaughter) prefers chicken to fish. But the summer fruits have not yet started arriving at the market.

    I can feel what is happening today on this Poila Baisakh (New Year), 'Hal Khata' (New Account-Book) is being opened after the Ganesh Pooja in the business establishments of Kolkata and also in entire Bengal. A special jubilation is in the air. Small children with their guardians are visiting the shops as special invitees. I miss 'Hal Khata' in Delhi.

    Are you nurturing the flowering plants still now? How many flowers have come in the Shiuli plant? Take your medicines regularly. Ask Babu to do so. We are all well here. Bless all of us on this auspicious day and also every day.

    Yours affectionately
    Borobabu (Partha)

    Meera K.
    B(R) 30/2, Swaranika Housing Society,
    Shakuntala Park,
    Kolkata-700 061

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • #662536
    Burhani Park Society,

    The Dearest Mammy and Papa,

    How are you? I am fine here. I reached Pune safely without any problem. Sorry that I am writing this letter after one month of reaching Pune. Actually, When I came here, I did not adjust myself here. I wept two days continuously by remembering you. I did not like the food here. I daily remember the Alu paratha of mammy's hand. It is my favourite dish and did not find the taste of the Paratha in any hotel here. After two days, Abdullah came to my house and by meeting him I felt better. It is really enjoyable to find a relative in a strange place.

    Papa, you have taught me many important things about life. When I join the first day of my work and I met my colleagues with a smile, it was very effective. A smile can do many things; I remember your words and really it did many much for me. Now, I have my colleagues who are always ready to help me even at midnight. You always taught me to follow that work is worship and honesty is the best policy. I tried my best to follow these two policies. You know the boss is really happy with my work and appreciated it.

    When I will get my first salary I will purchase two phones, one for me and second for you. As you know I have a dream to have a mobile phone. So, my dreams will come true within some days. I will send the phone with Abdullah who is coming to Rampura next month. After getting the phone we will be able to talk on the phone.

    Mammy, send me paratha and puri of your hands with Abdullah.

    Take care of you, now I am very fine and don't worry about me. Take your medicines on time. I will come to Rampura on the occasion of Eid after three months.

    Allah Afiz

    Your Loving son,

    Mr. & Mrs Kuwakhedawala
    Moayyedpura Mohalla,
    PIN: 458118

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #662552
    [2nd prize winner.]

    No:14, 10th cross
    Date: 15th April 2019.

    Dear Mom and Dad.

    Firstly, my apologies for not coming home for this Diwali. I am well and please don't worry about me. Trust that you both are well and healthy.

    After my graduation, I thought life would be easy but real life is far from that. It is a great challenge to get a decent job and earn honestly. I admire you both for running the home and educating brother Mohan and myself with what father earned. With my temporary job, it's a struggle to sustain myself in Bangalore. I'm ashamed that I did not send money to you all at home.

    Life is different in Bangalore when compared to our village. Everyone is in a hurry, it's difficult to trust people. Luckily, I have a few good friends. I am working as an assistant to a well-known lawyer. Dad, you would be pleased to know that I have enrolled myself in a reputed evening college to do my law degree.

    I am studying hard and learning valuable lessons in life. Once I complete my degree, I plan to return to our village, start my own small law firm and settle down. I have a good friend Ms. Sheethal, she's also doing her law degree, we both get along well. I'm so happy and at peace when I'm with her because she's just like you mom. We have fallen in love and with your blessings, plan to get married once our course is completed. Please do be angry with me, I know, she's the right person to be my life partner and we would be as happy as you both are. I will bring her home in a couple of month's time and have a family get-together.

    Mohan called me a few weeks earlier, wanting to borrow money to start his organic shop. Dad, please help him out, with the agricultural land, he would do well in his new venture. Although I cannot lend him money, I have promised him to sort out the legal papers, registration, etc.

    I miss you both, please bless me that my dreams come true. Mom, make sure that Dad takes his BP medicines and you also take your diabetes medicines regularly. See you soon.

    Your loving son.

    Mr and Mrs Selvan
    30, Temple Street,
    Vellore District
    Tamilnadu- 567456

  • #662560
    [First prize winner.]

    Sector-15, CBD Belapur
    Navi Mumbai 400614

    16th April 2019

    Dear Maa,
    Hope you are doing fine. I have heard that it is very hot in Kolkata these days. Here also it is hot but somehow tolerable. I am missing home very badly and wish to go there even if I can manage a few days of leave. I know it's tough to ask for a leave now and it may remain a wish only for quite some time. Do you know what I am missing most? The adda sessions at the weekends. Here people are so busy that they do not know the charm of that little gossip (adda) sessions. People are very serious here and they will never waste any time like we used to see back home. There is traffic jam but traffic is not halted for political meetings or processions. If you come to this place you will feel better though I know you will miss Bengali foods.

    Remember the shirt you have gifted me last time when I went home during the Pujas? I wore it last week and most of my friends who have seen it appreciated the design. I must say you have a very good choice. A few of my friends said they want to go shopping with you because of your choice.

    Can you come here alone if I arrange the tickets and all other required assistance? It will be a change for you and you will have a different experience. There are a few Bengalis in my locality and I assure you there will be no trouble if you stay here for some time. No need to make the bag heavier, make it as light as possible and the rest will be arranged in time. You know I am not a good cook, so during your stay, I can learn a bit of cooking too. Please carry the book of your recipe also. Nowadays, I am tired of taking food outside due to my busy schedule and please teach me some simple dishes that will take much less time to cook than the usual.

    Stay cool and refreshed during this hot and humid weather and try not to go outside unless it is necessary. Remember to carry an umbrella every time while going out. Please reply when you are coming here as early as possible so that I can arrange things in advance. Stay well and keep smiling.

    Affectionately yours,

    M Bhattacharya
    Rita Apartments, 413 College Para
    New Barrackpore,
    Kolkata 700131


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #662585
    My dear father,
    I reached here by around 8.30 p.m. I had my supper from a hotel on the way to my Hostel. After entering my room, I changed my dress and took a bath. Then I became fresh. Went through a magazine which I had purchased on the way. Actually, the same was purchased from a bus stand, where the bus had stopped for a tea, on the way. I could not read much when the bus was moving,since, as you know, our road condition is pathetic and the bus was moving like a boat in a lake having lots of waves.
    After reading an article which was half read from the bus, I closed the magazine and started writing this letter. The journey was comfortable and almost was keeping time.
    When I took my bag, after dressing, and started moving towards the gate, I looked back. I saw you wiping your eyes with the bath towel, which you always carried with you.
    I clearly understood you were controlling your feelings of a father. I also noticed that mother did not come out to see me off. She could not even see my going. My dear father, I am helpless in this and I cannot stay with you, if I am to work and earn for our living. You are already aged, crossed seventy. Without my earnings I am sure that our family cannot go forward. Hence, please, adjust with my absence. This feeling will be only temporary and within a few months we all will get accustomed to it.
    Please convey my love and regards to mother. Ask her to take medicines without fail, which is applicable to you too. Do not forget to buy the medicines before the stock at home is not over. I have already bought the same sufficient for two months, and kept in the shelf. Please don't forget to take the medicines in time, every day. Please remind mother also, about this.
    I do not have much to write about my life here. Every day is a repetition of the previous day. Those who come to get certain services may go on changing, but for that the things are same for we the clerical staff.
    Let me stop here for the time being, since I feel a bit tired because of the journey. Please convey my love and regards to my beloved mother too.
    Your loving son
    Sankaran. May, 12, 1970


  • #662605
    [Consolation prize winner.]

    123 Kutchery Road,
    Mylapore, Chennai-600004.

    Dear Amma,
    I am fine here. I hope you, Appa and Sister are fine. Nowadays, I am having a lot of work at the office and sometimes I'm working on night shifts too. Slowly, I am transforming into a workaholic and sadly I find it difficult to manage my work-life balance. Sorry, Amma! On that day, I yelled at you out of my work tension over the phone call. From that day onwards you are not speaking to me properly. Even if I call you, I can sense the formal touch in your talks. Are you angry with me? Sorry..Sorry..Sorry, Ma!

    I know you are angry with me. Hereafter, I will not show my work tension to anyone at home, I promise. I will regularly call you at night after work. I seriously wonder, how Appa balanced his personal and professional life effectively without disappointing us. Hats off to Appa! I need to study the art of balancing life from him.

    Ma, Do you remember? A few years back, while cleaning your cupboard, you asked me to read some lovely letters written by Grandpa to you. On that day I ignored to read those letters in front of you. But after you left the room, I read those letters and truly felt emotional. I understood your love for writing letters and also your strong bonding with your father. Wonderful!

    Today suddenly, Grandpa's letters to you flashed my mind and I also desired to experience the feel of writing a letter. Hence, your baby is writing this first letter to her dearest mom and pleading for forgiveness. I'm sure, you will forgive me because you are always my loving mom. Cheers!

    Ma, keep this letter safely in your file along with the bundle of other special letters. Let us revive this memory in the future and make fun of my stupidity(laugh out loud). I'm sure a different set of emotions will creep inside me if I read this letter later.

    I'm expecting a letter from you too. Please write a letter to me accepting my apology.

    One happy news! My manager has approved my leave plan. I'm coming home to celebrate sister's birthday. Let us make her birthday a memorable one. I'm eagerly waiting to see you all. Miss you! Take care.

    With love,
    Your Naughty Daughter,
    Soundharya. S

    234 Vasanth Nagar,
    60 Feet Road,

  • #662611
    13, CM Apartment
    II Street, Gill Nagar
    Chennai - 600 094

    dated 16 April, 2019

    Dearest Ma and Papa,
    Pranam. I reached here on 10th April and occupied this small apartment which was booked by my colleague for me. I have joined to my new job in the company here and everything is as expected. The work place appears to be quite modernised and hang all the modern facilities.

    There is a canteen in the company office where I am taking my lunch. For breakfast and dinner there are many affordable eating joints near this house and there is no problem on that account. My personal luggage is expected to reach here on 25th April and after that I may start my own kitchen for breakfast and dinner.

    This is a new place and so far I have no friends or relatives here. I am feeling a bit nostalgic and missing you people so badly. How is Manu and how is Sarita. Tell them that I will bring goodies for them when I come there in October in the Deepawali time. What happened to the summer excursion camping plan of Sarita? Is it finalised? Tell her to take all the precautions that I shared with her last month.

    Tell Manu not to skip the coaching classes. This is the crucial time and he must work hard to get through this time.

    Rest is Ok.

    Yours lovingly,

    5199, Sector-C
    Indira Nagar
    UP - 226016

    Knowledge is power.

  • #662614
    MN/72, Block C
    Kailashpuri East
    New Delhi- 110088

    Respected Ma and Baba,

    It's been nineteen years, Baba, that you are gone forever, and Ma, it's almost nine years that you have left for the heavenly abode. In these nineteen years, your children have undergone various twists and turns of their fortune. We had borne all the ups and downs of our lives except one heart-wrenching incident which your children are yet to accept.

    I know my immediate elder brother is there up above with you, but what urgency did God have to take him away from us so prematurely. Sometimes, I feel so disturbed that I want to fight with you. Your blessings were our asset so, why didn't you request God not to create havoc in our lives?

    Losing both of you and other seniors of our family were huge loss we incurred in our lives but managed to bear the pain. We know that men are not immortals and after a certain age people have to depart. Brother's sudden demise kept us sulking because he left behind unlimited incomplete tasks which are now gradually reaching its completion, but without him, the zeal of accomplishment is somehow missing.

    You know very well that when I am pained, I freeze from inside. I need an emotional outburst to come to terms, and who else can be the best emotional anchor than you two. Though physically you are not around, still I get a feeling that both of you are there to hold me tightly, give me strength, and wipe out my weaknesses to remain contented.

    Baba, my only child, your youngest grandson is now a teenager. Before his birth, you left us forever, but he had the opportunity to see Ma. The essence of his growing up is, I always tell him various candid stories about you all, and he loves to listen to them. He misses his youngest mama a lot, and you know, his death made him a poet. He loves to write poems and stories, and I get a feeling that the stories I share with him will be incorporated in his writings one day.

    Today I was feeling low that's why decided to write a letter to you, knowing well, that it won't reach you. I can vent out every dissatisfaction actually to both of you. Now, I am feeling much relaxed just because I have put my heart out to my parents who were God's blessings to me.

    I request you to bless your grandchildren as they are trying hard to become successful in life. Their success is your children's utmost joy. Tell my brother that his siblings will never leave his family alone because without them we are incomplete.

    The rest of the family members and I are moving on in life with bittersweet experiences. With all my regards to both of you and other elders, I end my letter. May you all rest in peace.

    Your youngest daughter,
    Shampa Sadhya

    Late Shri and Shrimati Rakshit
    Heavenly Abode


  • #662632
    40, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
    PIN- 580021

    15th April 2019

    Dearest Mom and Dad,
    How is your health? Its summertime and both of you need to take extra care of your health and well-being. You have taught me to be responsible. Hence, I do not expect any irresponsibility from you people when it comes to your health.

    So, here it is, please don't be mad. I need to take another vacation. I know that you people feel that I travel a lot. But, please understand, I feel like I am stuck again. I am getting that same old feeling. Nothing works when I get anxious. The only thing that relieves me is travelling. You know everything mom. You know how I love to explore new destinations. That's the only thing in my life that excites me. I love seeing that's unseen, tasting that I have never tasted and meeting new people along the way. All these perfectly get pictured in my memory. I want to fill my canvas with these picture perfect memories.

    I know whenever I venture out; you people get a little concerned about my safety and health. I know you want me to concentrate on career, get married and have kids. In my defence, I would say that these things can wait. I can't limit myself to do the same thing day in and day out. I also don't expect you people to understand everything. All I need is a little support and trust. Dad, please understand that by travelling I will be broadening my horizons which you always wanted me to do. I am your daughter. I follow the same old theory with a new practical approach. Mom, who knows I may meet your future son-in-law on one of my adventure trips. I hope you don't mind a handsome Sherpa as your son-in-law.

    Alright then, I will write to you and keep you informed about my whereabouts. I expect the same from you and hope that both of you surprise me someday and write me from not within the walls of our sweet home but from a place that you always wanted to visit but could not dare to go. Lots of love. Plenty of kisses. Take care.

    Your loving daughter

    Mom and Dad,
    Ashok Nagar
    PIN- 302001

  • #662652
    3-A, Laxmi Nagar

    My dear mother,

    I am fine here hope you too are fine there. Weather here in Delhi has become hot though we are not using cooler or AC in night but sweat in the afternoon. Its totally different than we use to have in Mumbai.

    Its been long time I saw you. Last month I planned to come to your place but because of the sudden customer audit I had to cancel the tickets and the leaves. I felt very upset because after a span of around 2 years I had planned to go to Mumbai and that too got cancelled.

    Saumya and Sabhya are fine. They could not score good marks this time. I was expecting that Saumya will get good grades but she could not get. I have appoint a tutor from the start of the session this time. Hope they will do fine this year.

    How is Papa? Is his blood sugar controlled now? Is he taking the medicines for the same and going to walks regularly? Ask him to take care of his health and you too take care of your heath as you were looking weak in the recent photos you sent. I hope you don't keep yourself busy too much in work and take time for yourself too.

    While writing the letter your image is coming in front of my eyes. I wish if I had come to Mumbai and could have spent time with you. Kids were also upset when came to know that our plan is cancelled. But we can do one thing I will book your tickets and wish you both could come to Delhi. I will take leave for 2-3 days and will make a tour to Manali. Its a wonderful hillstation. Please convey of which date should I book your tickets.

    Waiting impatiently for your reply.

    Your loving son,


    Mr and Mrs Gupta
    33,Andheri West, Mumbai


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? ”
    – Mark Twain

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