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    Query regarding Google AdSense.

    Yesterday I have applied for Google AdSense revenue sharing program of ISC. The status is approved from google but pending from ISC. I have even posted one article on 3rd of April but its review status is pending. Please look into the case and help me for the same.
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    If adsense is approved from Google, you are done with everthing. Because ISC status will be in pending only. You can start writing content for ISC and earn revenue from Adsense.

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    You earnings will start as soon as Google approves your application. Go through the #5 in this thread and you can see that ISC Pending status is nothing to worry about.

    Article review will happen on its own pace, don't worry about that.

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    Ok thanks allot. So all I have to do is to write articles to generate revenue from it. I have written around 50 articles in past yet my adsense revenue is showing 0$. Am I missing on some steps to make it work properly.
    Please provide an insight on this.

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    Here are some suggestions -
    1. Check which of your earlier articles have fetched good traffic. An article which is getting traffic can be republished (click on the republish link) so that it then appears under a new date and you will get AdSense earnings from it from the republished date.

    Important: Do not republish articles which have not fetched any traffic. Secondly, you should check the article and update it with more information if required and ensure that it adheres to the current content submission guidelines. For example, in the earlier years, we were not particular about the usage of HTML tags, now we require it as it makes the article neater and attractive. Then there are images - not a single one should be submitted if it is under copyrights. Overall, the republished articles should have good English as well.

    2. A member who has been consistently contributing to ISC with quality content can request for an extension in the AdSense sharing program. By default, it is one year for members. It is extended to two or three years by the Webmasters after checking their profile account. In case of any non-adherence to rules, bad content or inconsistent contributions, the extension will not be given. To get the extension, you can send a message to Tony Sir with the URL of your profile page and request him to extend it.

    3. 50 articles is a small number to generate AdSense revenue. You need to contribute more, but not focus on the quantity actually. You need to come up with articles that will generate traffic and thereby, possibly, revenue. See that each article is of reasonable length and is presented in an interesting and informative manner.

    4. Do not restrict yourself to the articles' section. While it is indeed likely to be the #1 to generate revenue, you could also contribute to our Ask Expert and Jobs sections, checking out the submission guidelines first.

    As a refersher course, I suggest you check out the Sectionwise FAQs. In case any clarifications are required for any section, don't hesitate to enquire through a forum thread. Learn, then you will earn. Good luck!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thanks allot ma'am for the information.
    I got my google adsense account approval two days back before that my profile was not having google adsense. All the articles published on ISC have fetched only points and cash from ISC. Can I republish them with slight modifications.
    When goggle adsense status is showing approved ads will automatically appear within my content or I have to do something to make it work properly.

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    Some more pointers -
    I just now read your informative article on performance appraisal. It is fetching traffic, so has good potential for AdSense. Please re-check and correct grammar errors. You could use the free Grammarly tool which has been provided by the Webmasters.

    Further, in an article, those with AdSense approval can place two ad units within the text of the article. Please follow the instructions carefully as given by Tony Sir in this thread.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    The answer to your query - no, Ankita, you have to do nothing at all. The ads will automatically appear on the pages where you have contributed. You can, though, put in ad units within an article as per what I mentioned in my previous response (it got posted at the same time as your query).

    Regarding republishing - yes, you can use the edit button and modify the articles. First, click on republish, then you can edit and submit. The article will then go back into the queue for the editors to re-check.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    @Ankita Sinha
    Check your earnings at (or )

    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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    @ VandanaThanks again Vandana ma'am you always come up to help a novice like me. I have made the desired changes at my level and submitted it again for the review.
    @ Dan thanks dan will look into it.

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    I am really confused and not able to understand what actually happened. I got a mail from Google Adsense and it states that my profile does not meet their program criteria and so my application for the same has been rejected. They have not stated any specific reason for the rejection. But Adsense status in managing your account in ISC, still showing status as approved. My question is if same have been rejected then the option for reapplying should appear instead of approved. Please provide insight into this.

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    Madam, please don't bother about Google AdSense. I have been a very regular Member here for more than three years. My Google Adsense was approved within 4 months. But till now (after 3 years and 6 months), I have not received a single cent from Google AdSense.

    If you want to write to enjoy the joy of writing, then continue. Don't write for the sake of Google AdSense.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    @partha K thanks a lot for sharing your experience. But its really shocking to know this. you have posted some quality content in every section of ISC.

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    I checked your AdSense profile account here and it does not show it as rejected. I have forwarded the problem to the Webmasters for clarification.

    With regard to Partha's AdSense account - this may apply to many members if the contributions are such that they do not generate traffic and thereby clicks.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    @Ankita Sinha, What happens when you try to login to your Adsense account?
    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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    I stand by what I said earlier. An aspiring writer must not start writing for the sake of Google AdSense earning. Then, very soon, he/she would be disheartened.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    @vandana ma'am thanks for your support.
    @Dan I have attached the screen shot of the same.

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    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    It seems your application has been rejected due to policy violation which is not specifically given. You should refresh the page if you are still seeing approved here. To refresh the page press F5 key in your keyboard.


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    @jebaprincy Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried that also but its status is still approved. Now all I can do is to wait for editors and webmaster to give me solution for the same.

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    It seems that your application for Google Adsense has been rejected. No problem, I got approval in my fourth attempt. You should contribute regularly here and after two or three months again try to get approval for Google Adsense. Also, try to win some prizes here it will make your profile more attractive. Next time try with other Gmail ID for approval.
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    It could be due to the following reason...

    Scenario 1: Email associated with the ISC and the email ID you logged-in for AdSense may be a different one.

    Scenario 2: If your AdSense Pub-ID is, starts from 813 and ends with 761 then it is approved by Google, still active and Ad is serving till now (Ref. attached below).

    Scenario 3: Most of the articles were published in 2016 precisely and that's why ad is not serving for your article, unless ISC Webmaster extends the Ad serving duration to few more months / years, or re-publish the required one.

    The latest article (How performance appraisal works in an organization) published in 2019 is showing Google Ad for your article (with the above / attached Pub-ID, e.g. 813xxxxxxx761).

    Try to login AdSense account with the same email ID that you have associated with ISC (this) account. Hope it clears.

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    @hafeezur thanks a lot for your reply. I have just checked, the email id is same. There is an option for reapplying, the Google Adsense application in the email that I got. Should I reapply or wait? Well, I am even not clear what violation was noticed and what I need to fix. There is no particular reason mentioned. And it's still showing approved here on ISC page yet when I log in there the same message coming. I am really confused about what's going on. Should I click on the box of I confirm I fix the policy violation or wait. Please help me out.

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    Your Pub-ID is 'active' till this moment so 'No need to re-apply' for AdSense.

    You have to do nothing but publish few articles, contribute in few different sections of the site and re-publish few articles for AdSense code activeness around. You can then check the box on..."I confirm I've fixed the policy violations..." and submit, later.

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    ok, thanks a lot for the information. As suggested, I will follow the same and before applying again will confirm. Just one more question- am I allowed to republish my old articles. If yes then can I republish anyone of them. Is there any limitation on the number of articles that can be republished.

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    @Hafeez Ji and Ankita,
    As long as the ad-codes placed in the contents, pub-id is there. But ads should appear if there is no problem. Google clearly sent the policy violation which should fixed at the publisher end, otherwise ads won't appear. Here I can understand that Ankita account is approved, but not her associated site (here her adsense api profile link is the associated site). As per the Adsense latest policy, sites under adsense account should also be approved manually by adsense team. Here I think the person who reviewed the site, might have seen the sample ad-codes placed in her profile page and concluded that ad-code should not be there. But this is bad luck. So webmaster needs to clarify it with the adsense team whether it is ok to place sample ad for the particular member reference or not, because ISC is one of the adsense host partner website.


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    This is a thread where we are seeing a lot of information regarding Google Adsense. Thanks to all the contributors who have explained the various things so clearly and concisely.

    I want to add my experience here that I had applied for Google Adsense about a year back when I completed 10 articles and the requisite level in ISC. But so far my application is not approved by Google Adsense and it is showing as pending. Whenever I reapply they say that they are working on it and will inform accordingly. They have not rejected it.

    My feeling is that there are a large number (may be in millions) of people applying for Google Adsense and Google is not giving the Adsense account allotment just like that. They are a bit selective in their process and giving it to a few people only. Many people like me are waiting for it.

    In earlier times, when there was no much rush of online writers probably Google Adsense was liberal to give it to all who applied. Today situation is changed so please keep this point also in consideration while waiting for approval.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Kindly contact the Article section editor/s or ME on re-publishing matter. Republishing article will help your account for sure.


    One of the main reason for this one is, "Insufficient content" or "Valuable inventory no content" to display ads. This shouldn't happen actually. So, she has to add more content to get back to normal status comparatively, (or remove the content that violates like page loading issue, or over ads on content, or very poor content - which actually not in her case).

    Right now her ad serving is not happening enough on her old article (but ISC, due to not extended 365 or more days or so) and automatically reduced the ad serving too for her content. Plus no fresh content.

    The message what she sees in the AdSense account will automatically disappear when the contents are added enough and start to increase her Ad on the upcoming content. It is just like many YouTubers AdSense Ad display disabled (not AdSense account) just because of the less views (so obviously very less ad display) and less subscribers etc. and they came with some additional conditions. This updates came from Google / YouTube one year back and not from the beginning itself. It may happen for the text content as well like video content. Less text content / traffic, disable the ad display (not AdSense account), simply.

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    Google has 2 levels of approval. When you apply, the first level approval is instantly given. That is what shown in ISC. However, after a review, Google will approve or reject. Once rejected, ISC will not be able to automatically fetch the status from Google, so ISC will continue to show the last status (Approved). If you login to AdSense and it shows Rejected, then ISC cannot really help with it. Please follow guidelines from other senior members above and try your best for approval. I suggest you wait for few months before you appeal.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you tony sir, hafeezur sir and all other senior members for the information regarding my query. I will definitely follow what is instructed and try to reapply after few months.

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