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    Pak PM Imran likes Mr.Modi to retain power

    Pakistan PM Imran Khan likes Mr.Modi and BJP to retain power again. This statement by Imran khan created sensation in media. Till now Mr.Modi and BJP is talking that Congress and its leaders have links and association with them. But with Imran Khan statement in media lot of speculations coming out. One phase of elections over. With this statement of Imran the other phases of polling where mostly north states are included will be influenced by it is the talk of the media. Mr.Modi in his election speeches attacking opposition parties have links with Pakistan. But now the opposition parties started attacking BJP with this statement. How much bearing this will have on the remaining phases of elections?
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    This could also be a ploy plotted by the opposition parties in consultation with Imran to spoil the mood of Indian voters to hate Modi and vote for Congress. Who Knows! BJP will never join hands with Imran. Else, Imran likes the way Modi leads India with true patriotism. There is nothing to feel bad about it. It is Modi's governance that attracted Imran to say so.
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    Praising the enemy is sometimes a diplomatic move in international political scenario and is an old tactics played by many country heads. There is nothing unusual in this.

    In fact such gestures are easily interpreted in their true meaning by the analysts and observers and they do not yield any benefit to the invoker of such praises.

    Media people know these basic things but will present it in their own convenient ways for achieving good TRP for their channel.

    This is not going to impact the elections in any way. Many people are laughing on this and it has become a laughing stock in the world political canvass.

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    This is nothing but a strategic move on the part of Imran Khan. He knows very well that if he praises Narendra Modi, the opposition parties in India will make it an issue to misguide Indian voters. But Indian voters won't be misguided so easily. Modi hasn't done anything for Pakistan as a result of which Imran would support him. Even now, due to Balakot strike, the flight permission in Pakistani sky is restricted.
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    If Narendra Bhai Modi has guts to destroy Pakistan he can do war why he was limited with cheap air strikes.One time you and One time I(Childish acts).Why Modi went to uninvited Nawaz shareef former Pak PM party.
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    Let us not find out under what compulsions Mr Imran is doing this. Whatever it is, it is not going to matter.

    Indian voters are very much matured and can not be changed with cheap tactics.

    There is nothing wrong in praising the neighbour. Let us take it like that only.

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    It is not a real wish. Probably to favour the opposition parties in India, Imran might have played the trick. Many cricketers of India are friends with him. Probably the players who are in Congress and other opposition parties might have requested him to say these words and might have promised him some favour if they come to power. That is why he might have made such a statement. The fact is not known. Anybody can interpret the same as they like.
    As a neighbourhood country's chief, he might have wished the present head of our government as formality also. We need not take these words seriously.
    There will not be any impact of this statement on the voters and they will never change their views based on such gimmicks by the leaders. The will have their own priorities. We need not take this as a minus point to BJP and as a + point to other opposition parties.

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    Pakistan is the home of many terror nuts, making life miserable for Imran Khan. The risks of these nutters gaining control of nuclear weapons are very high there. He needs powerful leadership in India to contain them.

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    Actually Imran was experts planner in cricket. He also once said for Mr Modi that small person in big office. So, you never know what he may be planning for future.

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    What I have got through with the news is that the PM Modi has much bolder initiatives in comparison to the other political parties including the Congress party who always felt hesitant with the actions considering the Muslim voters & that's what the emphasizing is all about.

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