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    Agony of loneliness in our life

    People by nature are generally gregarious and want to have company to talk, to share and to enjoy together.

    This is human nature and present in an individual in more or less amount.

    Sometimes due to adverse circumstances some people are left alone and isolated from the society. They feel as if there is no friend for them and no company for them.

    This is a terrible state and brings a feeling of isolation and loneliness which eventually creates agony and despair in the life.

    Have you ever felt the pangs of loneliness? How did you cope with it? Please share your thoughts on this subject.
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    Loneliness is a thing which everyone will like to avoid. Sometimes we feel lonely though we are amid the crowd.

    So, sometimes it is a mental condition also that we do not want to talk to people or participate in the activities etc.

    I have suffered loneliness long back when I left my house for higher studies and in the beginning for about 4-5 months it was really difficult in a girls paying guest house with some other students going to different colleges.

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    Loneliness brings a feeling of sickness to human beings. A human being is a social animal. He wants always to be with people. He may be with the family or in the office with colleagues or somewhere outside with friends. He wanted to be in the midst of people always. He wants to be recognised by the people around him. Many people will have this feeling.
    Sometimes even though we are with people because of some problem the person may be feeling alone and he can't enjoy the situation. His mind will be working on his problem.
    I studied up to 12th class staying with my family. My graduation I have completed by staying with my grandparents. I never stayed alone until I completed my graduation. But when I joined in my in the university I was in the university hostel and that too in a single room. Till I get acquainted with the environs there and get some new friends there I felt very lonely. That is for about 2 or 3 months. After that, I never felt lonely.

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    At times people feel very lonely in spite of having many people around them. This loneliness is somewhat psychological where the person feels that others are avoiding and do not like to talk to her/him. This state may come from depression and generally goes away if there is proper guidance from friends and relatives. Other than this when you are really left alone in an unknown place isolated from your family and friends this loneliness can affect you.

    After finishing my studies when I started to work, in the beginning, I felt lonely because many of my friends left the place to start working in other states. In the beginning, things were not usual and I felt very lonely. Later, after a few months when I got accustomed and make new friends in the office things started to change. Actually, things change with time. In the beginning when you are not accustomed to the situation and there is no one to help you out the loneliness starts. Later on, your mind teaches you to adjust to the situation which increases your coping powers. This is very important. You have to find some way and have to train your mind in that way. It is very tough, but you have to do it to cope with any situation.


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    Loneliness is the most terrible thing in life. Loneliness cuts a person from society and makes life a useless thing. I think everyone undergoes such a situation in life and coming out of it is important because if one feels lonely for a longer duration, it affects one's personality badly. This world where we live is a compact of difficulties and problems. We face different situations in life at different points of the time. Some times it becomes difficult to cope up with those difficult situations and we feel lonely.
    But a person has the capability to deal with difficult situations in life. Almighty tests people with the only degree of difficulty which a person is capable of bearing. Whatever oddities we face, patience and positively working towards coming out of the problem can transform our difficulty into prosperity. Bravely fighting and patience and persistence can be better ways to overcome loneliness.
    Talking to people can also reduce the feeling of loneliness. We have to make efforts to talk to people that will definitely provide relief from loneliness.

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