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    Why can we not sacrifice small things for social or national causes?

    We all talk good and nice things but when it comes to adhere to discipline and sacrifice small things for social or national causes, many of us back step.

    There are small small things to follow like traffic rules, proper parking, use your own shopping bag and avoid polythene, make a queue, give seniors sitting place in the bus or train and things like that.

    These are small things but some people feel that it is beyond their dignity and status to follow these minor etiquette. They will simply break the queue and influence the dealing person with their status and aroma. Others also follow their attitude and the whole of the society starts acting in erratic ways.

    What is your opinion on this attitude of some people in the society? Why they are so reluctant in adhering to discipline in public life?
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    A person with civic sense should follow all the rules and regulation when they are in society. But as mentioned by the author many people forget them conveniently for their convenience. We are not going to lose anything if we offer our seat to an older man than us when he is standing. Offering ladies seats to them when they are standing is a minimum courtesy. I don't understand why they don't follow such small issues.
    Another point I observed many times the people travelling in the car for long distances eat something or other while travelling and through the empty packets on the roads. It is a very bad habit. They can have a small dustbin in the car and keep all these waste items in that and then throw them into a dustbin somewhere on the way. But many don't follow.
    One should follow all these minor etiquettes so that the fellow human beings will be happy. Everyone should practice these good habits without fail. I always try to follow them and never deviate from them.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. It is really very sorry state of affairs that some people are not cooperative in small things which make our society or country great and progressive. We do not take care in small things which are the building blocks of a disciplined society. People waste time in gossips and idling but do not have patience to stand for some time in a queue.

    Yesterday I went to a bank kiosk where one ATM and one passbook printing machines were installed. I went inside on my turn but the server was very slow and it took me to print the passbook about 8-10 minutes. In the normal course it takes 2-3 minutes. When I came out the waiting person asked me if there was a problem. I explained him. He took a turn and left the place saying that who will wait for 10 minutes for such a small job. It will be better that he comes next time. I asked him wether he had some important job somewhere. He told that he was retired and free but can not wait 10 minutes in front of that slow machine. I suggested that server speeds are not fixed and at any time it can improve but he did not like to go in the kiosk. With my polite way of speaking he talked with me some general things and after 15 minutes we took leave of each other but he did not enter the kiosk!

    What I want to emphasise is we do not have patience. We can waste hours but can not give 30 seconds for a nation building activity.

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    An excellent thread, it's very easy to preach but incorporating the same in practice and in real life is difficult.

    What the author has alluded to is basic 'mature' behaviour or civic decorum that we need to follow when we use public services or common amenities. I feel, overcrowding, a narrow minded outlook of some individuals, a sorry attitude of 'why should I follow?' or 'why only me when others are flouting the rules?' are some of the causes.

    Many people in public places feel that whoever has a loud voice, aggressive attitude, a misplaced sense of self-importance can do anything and get away. Absence of 'a punishment' coupled with lack of a opposing voice from the rest of the people makes such events a regular fare. Ironically, these transgression of common civic norms are carried out by well do to people, educated lot also, the same people when abroad (in Singapore or Europe) would behave well, respecting the rules and regulations.

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    A very good thread by the author. Actually, I would say those things are our duties and responsibilities towards others and society so it's better not to think of them as a sacrifice. When an aged person is standing in front of a young person sitting in any public transport, it must evoke a feeling in the young person about the difficulties faced by people when they become old. Upbringings play an important role here and the common attitude of others also affect our behaviour.

    In his reply, Mr Umesh has rightly pointed out about our impatience. We want things at that moment only and even if we are free we will never wait for a little while to get the job done. Breaking traffic rules and illegal parking is so widespread that there are people who think that following rules is somewhat illegal. In the absence of strict punishment for all, we see that influential people get away by breaking rules whereas commoners are harassed in many ways. For example, in Kolkata and West Bengal traffic sergeants impose fines on the owners of two-wheelers on flimsy grounds whereas serious offenders get away from any punishment when they utter the names or call the local musclemen of the political parties over the phone when intercepted by police personnel.

    There is a general feeling among people that since most of the people involved in law enforcement agencies indulge in corrupt practices they can also easily get away by violently behaving with the law enforcers. This has become the habit and many people tend to behave in a violent manner when they face any kind of inconvenience in their daily lives. I think somehow this attitude has made people insensitive towards others and they do not bother much about the feelings of others.


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