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    Do you think the EVM issue may be reason to lose elections for the opposition in 2019?

    Do you think the EVM issue may be the reason to lose the elections for the opposition in 2019? When BJP wins, the opposition blame only EVM. Why they are not accepting then they lose the election due to his corrupt nature. They cannot win without changing himself. Please share your views about EVM problem in Election - is it a real issue or a fake issue?
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    For any electronic equipment, there may be some problems. In such a case, it will not work. The Engineer has to repair it. Once it started working there is no chance for malfunctioning. They may work or may not work but never malfunction. This is my experience. That is why these days all digital indicators which are made of electronic circuits are preferred in Industry.PLC systems are very much in use in the industry for very accurate measurements. There are types of equipment made of electronics which show very accurate measurements. So we need not suspect the EVMs once they start operating. But the candidate who failed in getting a majority will always try to find out some or other excuses to say that he is good but lost due to factors which are not in his control. I discussed with some Engineers who are having good experience in electronics industries on this matter out of my interest and all of them told that there is no chance for malfunctioning the EVMs.
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    What is the issue with EVMs? The only issue is almost the entire opposition wants it to be replaced with the old age paper ballot system of voting. By voting with the same EVMs the opposition came to power in a few of the states where assembly elections were held earlier. Till now the opposition parties never questioned about those results but they are always worried when it comes to general elections. They are alleging that there may be wide-scale malpractices by which the ruling NDA wants to 'capture power' again.

    The EC is the independent authority regarding the election process in the country and they have categorically rejected the allegations of opposition about the malfunctioning/malpractices by the ruling parties with the EVMs. The election has just started and only the 1st phase of the general elections has been completed. Let's wait for the result and then things will be clearer about who is responsible for what. There is no point in bringing allegations if that cannot be proved.


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    EVMs are as good as ATMs. ATM never fails to give the correct money. EVM cannot be blamed if the candidate doesn't win the election. There are likely chances of going non-operational, but can be repaired and made operational. The EVM never malfunction with wrong details of voting. It is a proven machine with data accuracy.

    Surely, the opposition parties would blame the EVMs if they lose the election and EC will ignore it.

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    There is no issue with EVM. The issue is with the human nature which always searches an item to blame or get excuse.

    Whenever our candidate wins we say that EVMs are accurate but when the other party wins we start doubting their efficacy.

    It happens in many other areas of our lives also. For exams if our son is selected in an exam we say that he is meritorious and hard working and has got the success. At the same time if he fails we start doubting the selection procedure.

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    EVM is not an issue. It is only an excuse for the opposition parties. The opposition parties use this excuse in advance to explain their loss in the oncoming election. If they win (by any chance), they will forget EVM. EVM is a convenient stick to beat the Election Commission and the ruling party.
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    So conclusion is There is no fault in EVM only loosing parties use bad word to hide his weaknesses . Public also want to continue election with EVM only to save some money on paper work. New time new thinking is EVM only papaer voting is old thinking and waste of time.
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    If you make million EVM then 100 - 200 EVM will always be in fault. This rule called SIx Sigma rule. So, how and who will ensure 100% correct production of EVM? Actually some EVM will be at fault always.

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    No, I do not think so. Yesterday I discussed with one of my friend, who is the master trainer for election. he told me that EVM is very safe and there is no chance of manipulating it. You can not do anything with EVM. The team who is conducting the election set the EVM in front of the representatives of the political parties. After that 50 votes are cast as moc voting. Then they have to close the EVM. After that, they show the result to all the representatives. Again they set the machine and election starts.
    So, during one hour the team show the complete procedure to all the parties. Once you have closed the EVM, you can cast any vote without showing the result.
    So, there is no chance of hacking the EVM. We should understand that these are machines, sometimes we get errors, but the engineers are always available to sort out the problem.
    We should thank the Election commission for awareness and conducting such a big election in India.

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    This debate has been existing for quite some time. Can EVMs be rigged and hence a reason to be quoted by parties for their loss?

    The old system of the paper ballot would be far easier to manipulate than? the EVMs. Hence people who are keen to misuse and falsify the number of votes would prefer the paper ballot wherein with money and muscle power at the grassroot level, ballot boxes can be hijacked and altered. The EVMs are a different ball game, one can hack or tamper with a handful of machines but imagine this on a large scale, this would be a challenging task just to get the equipment and expert hackers to ensure a mass change.

    Hence the issue of EVM problems or malfunction is more of a hue and cry rather than a real issue that would cost a party to win or lose.

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