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    No matter how far we are penetrated with our differences but here we all are same.

    Under the chilling hot sun of afternoon today we were all lined up in order to get food from a "Bhandara". For the members who don't understand this term, "Bhandara" is a kind of food joint venture wherein the foods are distributed in no price with the intention of serving to the humanity with without any differences and the backgrounds that we have been belonging to or aligned with.

    Due to Chaitra Navratri, these "Bhandara" would be seen most often with the food being distributed free of cost to the passerby & without discriminating on whatsoever basis. Here the lined-up mobs were also comprised of different faiths but there were no disturbances found with any of those were having with their share. So many things suddenly occupied within my mind but then all those vanished a second later with a belief that what we have been identified ourselves from few in context to different terms & terminologies being assigned to my religion is for sure isn't true.
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    When I visited Jammu last year I had the experience of this Bhandara. I went for a visit to a temple in the morning. After coming out of the temple, near the temple I saw a gathering. Some people were making some tiffins and people were eating. I thought it was a family gathering and I simply started walking. Then the people there called me and offered me the food. Then I enquired and they told that it is the practice there to offer food to the person by that side will be given food. It may be the same what the author is talking.
    Hunger is the same for one and all. Whether you are a rich man or a poor man when you are feeling very hungry you look around for the availability of food. That is why people say when a person is hungry even though he is your enemy, offering food to him is the Godliness in human beings. For other issues, it may matter whether rich or poor but for hunger all are equal.

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    A very good thought raised by the author by giving example of Bhandara.

    Yes, I have taken food a few times in these Bhandara where there is no distinction from the caste or creed point of view and everyone is given food with same respect.

    When it comes to food we all forget our differences. To satisfy the hunger becomes the primary purpose and religion or culture becomes secondary.

    I appreciate the author to bring up such a nice piece of post.

    Knowledge is power.

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