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    Have you evidence of any interviews of Rahul Gandhi?

    Why Rahul Gandhi is hesitating for his interview as a PM candidate for the ongoing Loksabha election? I don't know whether there any interviews being given by Rahul Gandhi but for sure not to my knowledge.

    I have gone through the interview of PM Modi in News18 Network & NDTV & Republic Media Network's & ABP News & India TV but at the same time I am eagerly waiting to see him facing the questionnaires & his stand on those but sadly no news so far. The interviews could have provided him with a much better platform in order to present himself on a slightly different perspective to the audiences & in case if he is not coming up with any such strategies then there could be the larger possibility that he may lose out with some attraction.
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    The Ridiculous Guy you are talking about is unfit to give an interview or take an interview. I have seen his old interview where he could not give any proper answer to the interviewer. He is a parrot-like person to repeat whatever is said. By giving an interview to any TV or media, he would lose his reputation he has now. So, it is better for him to remain quiet and deliver only written speeches from the stages.

    @ No Mom or Son or Daughter of the Gandhi family can face an interview without a pre-arranged interview with the questions and answers in their hand, because of their poor IQ on politics and India.

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    I have seen one or two interviews faced by Rahul Gandhi. He is not that smart in giving replies. He will never talk relevant to the question. I have seen a video on social media in which many questions were asked by the media to him. But he is not able to understand the question and the relevant subject. He is not having any perfect knowledge about any topic he speaks. He never understands the problems when he talks. He talks about Rafale deal but when some details were asked by a person he is not able to give any clear answer. I never think he is fit for the PM post. He doesn't know what is to be talked and what should not be talked. A party which is having more than 100 years of history is being led by such a person who never had any command on the subject or on the language. It is a real pity and I think Congress party should stop depending on this man and start looking for an alternative leader who can revive the party. Otherwise slowly this party will go out.
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    Dr. Rao: Most probably you are talking about Rahul Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi gave many interviews and he was a better speaker than his son-no doubt about that. Indira was better than Rajiv and Sanjay. The condition is deteriorating.
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    While going through the orator skills of Nehru - family, we can mark a surprising contrast in respect of the speeches made by different family - members.
    As far as we we have marked the capacity of Mr, Nehru the first Prime - minister of India, he could deliver any topic with an impressive style and the listeners were infatuated with such representation of the facts. The entire world gave him supreme importance because of his forceful speech. Next to him was his daughter Mrs Indira Gandhi, she was as bold as her father in representing the facts and because of her unique style in course of lectures, she, too, won tremendous response from the listeners. While talking about Rajiv Gandhi, we could mark simplicity in his lecture but the audience were interested to hear more from him owing to his simplistic style.
    Now while coming about the next generation, Rahul Gandhi, he lacks the art of attracting the common crowd. May be with the time, he would learn a few techniques with which he could attract the crowd in his favour.

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    Mr. Rao,
    Rajiv Gandhi is strongly present in your mind. It is my observation that you don't have a place for Rahul Gandhi but his father Rajiv Gandhi only.

    @ In three of your threads, you have quoted Rajiv Gandhi instead of Rahul Gandhi. Hope this response would bring you back to Rahul Gandhi.

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    Thank you, Partha and SUN. I mean Rahul Gandhi only. But by mistake, I typed it as Rajiv Gandhi. I agree that Rajiv Gandhi is a better speaker than his Son Rahul. But Indira Gandhi is much better than both Rajiv and Sanjay. I think Priyanka is better than his brother.
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    If modi is the bigshot in world, then he should face NDTV channel "Ravish" or News24 "Choudhary".

    Also, Rahul Gandhi challenged mr modi various times to do debate with him. But Mr Modi always give interview with easy channels who don't ask most important questions. Some of these interviewer was not even sitting on chair properly. Wire news of youtube and many other media asked this why Biggest interview of year lacks many important questions in India.

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    @ Rahul,

    Yes you are right but I want you to pl. go through the speeches during the last Parliamentary session before election to make it more clearer.

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    It doesn't matter whether you are a Congress supporter or not, it is a fact that Mr Rahul Gandhi doesn't have the oratory skills. As explained by Mr Sheo Shankar Jha @ #662317 there is a sharp contrast between his speeches and that of his other family members. Though it is better not to compare one's skill with the others, since Congress is still following the politics of dynasty people generally will try to compare this because of the inheritance of Mr Rahul Gandhi. I would say a person who is always busy in making allegations will find it difficult to face the interviews.

    Let's keep aside the debate of Mr Modi facing Mr Gandhi in an interview. While taking questions, you have to give a smart reply. There are many politicians who tell lies most of the time but they tell lies smartly. That is what people expect from an interview. At that instant, the interviewer will not be able to point out the mistakes, which of course can be found later on. Mr Rahul Gandhi still has a long way to go to gather the required experience to smartly answer the questions.


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    Even while delivering a speech from a public platform, he used to forget things and ask his fellow leaders sitting on the stage to tell him what he wanted. He is not even a good lecturer or orator. How can we expect him to face an interview. Even in the parliament, he failed to prove his leadership skill.
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    Giving a live interview, especially before the major decisive elections is not an easy task. Casting party affiliations aside, Mr.Rahul Gandhi does not come out as a good orator and a person with a grasp of figures and current policies ( in comparison to other major leaders).

    Having seen a few of his interactions in the past, one gets a picture that he is unsure of the facts or lacks detailed knowledge on a particular aspect. In the end, his answers become a tepid statement that does not bode well with the stature of a key party leader/ priministerial candidate.

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