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    How to check the traffic generated by my article?

    While going through some of the posts in the Forum section, I found that we can re-publish our old articles which got good traffic in the past and earn Adsense revenue from the re-published date. I contributed some of the articles sometime back and would like to re-publish the article if it generates good traffic.
    Can someone guide me on how to check the traffic generated by articles published by me? Your help will be highly appreciable.
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    Download Statcounter and give a link to your website which automatically gives the page views, your popular articles, clicks etc. roughly.

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    When you have logged-in and reached your article, each article will have a clickable option of "Check Traffic" (Ref: Image attached) and click on it to see the traffic of the article for few days/months/year back with option. It may not work for few article/s sometime.

    Second option is, follow the link given for Statcounter record. This is not going to record entire traffic correctly but something is better... Ref:

    Third option is, try to learn and use the 'Google Analytics' for tracking and the best result.

    Hope it helps you.

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    Hafeezur Rahman P

    Are you sure about the options that you have provided? I may be wrong here, but option one and three do not exist. Members cannot see the 'Check Traffic' option that you mentioned nor can they insert the Google Analytics code on ISC.

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    1. 'Check Traffic' option in Article section is common for all. ISC admin might have updated the changes if any, or may be a bug to be fixed, or it is only for the Editors and above at the moment.

    2. Statcounter will work for all. Please follow the entire guideline given from the reference link given including its internal link and post. If it is not working, ISC admin will update on this. Please visit

    3. Google Analytics 'code' can't be used with ISC as this site Admin has already associated with Google Analytics for their tracking. This is one of the best method for tracking for any contribution online, I said.

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    Check traffic option is not common for all. I do not find this option in any article. This option is available for paper submission.
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    I have also checked my articles. I have not seen anything like that. I think this check traffic option is not common to all. I have tried three or four times. But I couldn't find this link anywhere.
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