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    Are we heading for a hybrid culture?

    Indian culture is one of the oldest and deep rooted culture and we have certain inheritances in this regard. Irrespective of cast and creed our culture is influenced by our mythology as well as the social ways our earlier generations lived.

    Due to modernisation and western influence the way we are living is drastically changing. Inter caste marriages are becoming more and more common. The western influence is everywhere. Social media is influencing our behaviour tremendously.

    It appears we are changing fast and losing some of the vital elements of our culture and at the same time adopting the ways of western culture and in that process it appears we are tending to a hybrid culture.

    Do you also think so? Are our cultural ways changing with time?
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    In the metropolitan cities of India, due to the continuous exchange of ideas, inter-mingling and inter-provincial marriages, the hybrid culture has started developing since the late nineties. I have observed it long back.

    In some case, such a culture is good. But, in some case, it is not.

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    Indian culture is amalgamation of different cultures. It is so deeply rooted and diversified that this blend of cultures is unique in its own way. From our food to our clothing, our culture displays a diversification across the country.

    It is also true that we are lured by western culture and caring least about our own culture. We have thrown out our own culture and are engrossed in western culture. We should remember our culture is our identity and we can't be so mean towards our culture or run for western culture.

    Western culture has taken the place of our traditional culture and mostly youth are glued to such a culture. The attraction that we see in western culture, and leaving our own shows how badly we are fascinated by this culture. We have already inherited western culture and engrossed well in our societies despite the diversified culture of our own.

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    There is a proverb in Telugu which says the neighbour's curry is always tastier. The leaves of the tree in our back yard will not be useful for us as medicine. These two are correct with respect to the tendency of our people. If we say this is not good as per our Puranas our people say this is all superstitions. If the same is told in English by a foreigner we feel it is very correct. A very unfortunate mindset of the people.

    Especially this tendency is noticed more in rich people and urban people. They will get attracted to the western culture more easily and feel that by following western culture they will become modern and people get attracted to them.

    What our Hindu culture taught is being appreciated by many other countries and they are getting educated by learning Sanskrit and reading and understanding the Vedas and Puranas. So we should learn from their behaviour and educate our children by telling them about the importance and uniqueness of our culture and see that they will not go into the false impression about western culture.

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    Our country itself has many cultures and languages. If you travel throughout the country, you can tell where the person resides by listening to the language and her/his way of speaking. The people residing in the North, North-East, South everywhere you will find a difference. If all of them stay in a commonplace then there will be an exchange of ideas and one can always follow the others way of doing things. Actually, this exchange is important for evolution and for a large country like India it is very natural.

    Regarding the influence of western culture, I would say that we ape them rather than following them in the proper way. There is a tendency among many people to think that whatever is done in the west is good and they start copying every act of the west. Influence of one culture on the other is always good and it is witnessed in terms of many films and types of music. These exchanges are always encouraging but we should not forget our roots. We have a rich heritage and through exchanging our ideas with others there is always a chance of further progress. At times we may become influenced but that should not erase our own rich heritage from the mind. Rather it can be blended beautifully.


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