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    A sentence can feel lonely!

    I have been noticing an increasing tendency of some members to put each sentence of a text on a new line, whether in the forum or in an article response. I recall once Tony Sir had advised me to avoid two-three sentences in a paragraph, that one should put more in each paragraph to create cohesiveness. While paragraph breaks are good when starting on some new aspect of the text, it is odd to see sentences dangling by themselves independently of the rest of their siblings. They sort of look forlorn and lonesome! Some really good quality text is found lacking in overall display due to this. Let's not separate sentences from the rest of their family members. Let them bond well together.
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    I agree with this. Too many paragraphs with one or two sentences may look beautiful for the people when they see the text but why the paras are divided is not known. Generally, I feel when we are writing an article or a write up about a particular subject we can divide the text into paragraphs and each paragraph should have all the information about the point you have taken up to explain in that paragraph regarding the subject of the articles.
    But some authors prefer having small paragraphs with more paragraphs in the write-up. But the purpose of having a separate paragraph will be defeated if we do so. More sentences in one paragraph is always a better choice as far as I am concerned.

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    I agree with you but not fully. At times, I do this. The main reason is to bring the important matter of the subject to the attention of the member. In a paragraph, we highlight the important word or sentence to make it visible to the eyes of the readers. Since you have banned that culture of highlighting with bold letters or underlining of the word or sentence, I am compelled to show it separately.

    In a family, all can not rest in a single room. It will be congested. They need separate rooms. Here, a single response is a home, and the separate lines are the rooms.

    A good teacher should also be a good follower. We should teach what we practice. You tell us something but you don't follow it or practice it. For e.g ISC is against using bold/block letters in the forum section. But in your thread response you have thickened the word 'only'. Because you wanted to give expression to the word 'only' with the word 'politics'. Is it right? is it not against the ISC policy?

    Anyway, I will follow your advice as far as possible.

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    A good suggestion. Many times we break the line but our sub theme remains same. Such times there may be apparently a break in the cohesiveness. So in order to be more orderly in depicting our thoughts we have to be more structured in our discreet paragraphs.

    We will try to bring this suggestion in our write ups. Anything for improvement of writing is welcome.

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    You are right. I was just so exasperated at the pretense of members of not understanding the other thread that I was provoked to put the word in bold. I have removed the tags now. Note that you brought up an unrelated topic in this thread, of the use of bold tags. We are discussing sentence placing and paragraph cohesiveness here, not my erring ways.

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    I would also like to request members to take care of spacing between the paragraphs and after punctuation. If you are starting a new paragraph, there must be a single line space between the last sentence of the paragraph and the first sentence of the next paragraph. In the case of comma or period punctuation, only one space should be left after it and not two.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    All the same. Writing discipline means one. Whether it is the use of a separate line or use of a bold letter. It is a writing discipline at ISC. Hence I brought in the topic of writing a response in common, may it be a line or word. I would say that it is much related to posting of responses in my way or your way.

    Happy to note that you agreed with me and removed the tags.

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    Though not regular in ISC during recent times, I can understand the thread and the message. The beginning of the thread or an answer can have a short paragraph but the bulk of the content would make more sense and have more impact if the ideas, views or thoughts are placed in proper paragraphs.

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    In this world who wants loneliness? I feel nobody and as rightly pointed out by Vandana Ma'am the sentences also feel lonely while sitting alone in a paragraph. There should be cohesiveness in the paragraphs and we must remember this while writing. When everybody is crying about less bonding and affection between friends and family members, let at least leave the sentences from this effect. Maybe the human effect, I mean the emotions, has cascaded onto the sentences too. After all many reactions have cascading effects.

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    Structuring paragraphs is a writing art and good writers know where to break and where to continue.

    We all are trying to achieve this expertise in that direction and as suggested in this post we will be trying to achieve that in totality.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    Just look at your response #662394. Was it necessary to break your response of two long sentences by breaking it into two paragraphs? What was the need? It could have run together. Why did you break it, Neeru?

    @ Teach what you practice.

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    More than 24 hours passed. I am yet to see a response from Neeru Bhatt with a detailed explanation to the query raised by me.

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