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    Why West Bengal Government banned Anik Dutta’s film?

    Now, Supreme Court directed WB Government to revoke the ban and ensure the screening of the Bengali film 'Bhobishyotar Bhoot'. The film was cleared by CBFC earlier. Later it was banned by the political party Trinamul Congress.

    What is this film about? Why it was banned by Trinamul Congress Party?
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    I am very happy that the Hon'ble Supreme Court has issued strong strictures against the Government in this case and in the gold smuggling case.
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    This is a very interesting case and we should know about it and understand the status of freedom of speech and expression in our country.

    The West Bengal government had earlier imposed a ban on the screening of the film "Bhobishyoter Bhoot" in theatres. The interesting fact is that the police had issued orders to theatre owners asking them to refrain from screening the film. The police had the idea that film may create political law and order issues in the state.

    A writ petition was filed by Indibily Creative Pvt Ltd, challenging the validity of police officers' letters to stop the screening of the film. The court during the hearing observed that such police action on theatre owners was a major threat to democracy.

    After the hearing, the Supreme Court imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on the West Bengal government for restricting the screening of "Bhobishyoter Bhoot", a film based on political satire. The court termed the government's restriction on the film a "threat to artistic freedom and a mark of intolerance".

    As per supreme court there was nothing of that sort in the film that will create law and order issue in the state.

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    Now, who will ultimately pay Rs. 20 lakh? The woman from the slum of Kalighat herself, or her party, or the hapless people of the state?
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    Rs. 20 lakhs will go from government money indirectly people's money. For the fault of the government and its officers, the people have to suffer. The money should be paid by the Police officer who signed the letter. Are he has to tell who was behind him in issuing such a letter. The person at the highest level who approved that police letter should be fined not the government. The police can't ban the movie by themselves. They have to go to the Censor Board and they should ask them to ban. That will be the legal procedure. In AP, the TDP has gone to Censor board to ban the screening of the film made by Varma titles Lakshmi's NTR. The censor Board advised the producer not to release that movie in AP until the elections are over.

    But why the West Bengal government has not followed this system we don't understand. The actions of the politicians will have some personal advantage factor.

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    Banning a film just like that will boomerang on the authorities and now this is happening in West Bengal.

    Supreme Court has taken a serious view on this and the state Govt is now feeling the heat of it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Ms. Bhatt: The terrible woman did not ban the film. Her police officers simply threatened the hall-owners to stop showing the film, or else face dire consequences like the destruction of the cinema-hall(s).

    Dr. Rao: The compensation amount is Rs. 20 lakh. not Rs. 20/-.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    The answer is best known to the government. According to the news, the film stopped screening in theatres on the instructions of the police personnel. We all know that throughout India the police force is not independent and they work on the instructions of the ruling parties. The same is applicable here and the instructions must have come from the state government to stop the screening of the film.

    There are many things happening in this state which is baffling us and as a resident of West Bengal, I can say we are not sure about where we are heading to. There is politics everywhere and in many cases, politicians will try to involve themselves to sort out the problems even between two individuals.


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