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    If faith makes all the difference then the Sun could have been revolving around the Earth till now

    'Believe in me (or something) and you will get the results'. Hope many of you have heard this term from somebody sometime in your life. You may have heard this from a self-proclaimed godman, an astrologer or a priest and even in some cases from a person practising some kind of tricks which is supernatural to the eyes of a common man. They say faith makes a difference and you must believe in something to get the result. If they say there is a ghost inside the closed room, people must believe in it and tell this to others so that nobody dares to open the room to check what is really happening inside.

    We believe in something that we have never seen with our eyes but somehow heard from others that it exists or works in some way. There are many superstitions prevalent in our society that nobody can explain properly but many of them follow rigidly. If you question, they will say why you are going beyond the culture and tradition. In ancient times people used to believe that the Sun is rotating around the Earth and everybody knows what happened to those who questioned it. Many people questioned it and later it was proved the other way. There are many things happened in this way.

    While positivity is always required in every action which helps to boost the energy to a great extent, having immense faith on something that you have never experienced and which you find not quite logical is only going to hurt you in some way later.
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    Faith is very important. But at the same time, we can't follow somebody blindly believing him and keeping faith in him. First of all, we should be thinking of issue rather than the person. We should have faith in God. Simply keeping faith in him will not yield any result. We should keep our actions always on only. We should work with the faith that we will be successful. Simple keeping faith is somebody if you stop working you will have to face problems afterwards. Do You work Positively and think positively, you will accomplish the goal.
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    A thoughtful thread. faith is different from beliefs, superstitions and age old traditions. I feel, it is important to consider these in two different contexts because the implications are different.

    Faith and hope in a higher power, during times of distress and hardship is a valuable resource that helps the person to tide over the crisis. It instils a positive outlook in an otherwise gloomy situation. I see no harm in people having faith and hope. The exception to this would be blind faith and belief in god men and rituals.

    The second part is beliefs, superstitions and age old traditions. Since time immemorial, science and great minds have been questioning these and over a period of time we have seen changes in the newer generations. We should consider the above with a good dose of common sense and rationalisation. This is made more difficult by ignorance and fear of change.

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    Faith is something to be believed and it is the belief that sustains it. In many cases it could be blind also but faith does not require any logic or analysis. When we believe in something then we do not check for its authenticity and do not work in the direction of unearthing the truth.
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    There is a difference between faith and blind faith. We should have faith but not blind faith. But it is also not right on our part to state others faith is wrong without we having proper knowledge about the subject. Our ancestors without the help of any technology have gathered so much knowledge which we are trying to reinvent. Astrology is one such area. Our knowledge about Astrology is very limited. It is an infinite area which beyond our imagination.
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