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    If there is a mismatch in the tally, you can argue. So, keep a note.

    It is necessary to verify things. Suppose if you have already paid the utility bills and later if there is any discrepancy found in the records of the company you can immediately produce the money receipt to prove that you have already paid. Though nowadays the chances are less, it can still happen in a few cases. We do not always remember what we say but others do remember what we said at some instance and repeat it when they found there is a slight deviation. This happens with all of us and since it is impossible to keep a track on everything, you can keep a note of a few important things. You can jot down some important days or incidents, even if you like you can note it down what others have said on a particular day about a specific thing. I am not telling you to challenge others all the time, but you will find it handy. I have found members while posting threads, refer to some other threads with a hyperlink to notify what was said about a topic earlier or to notify something important that was clarified earlier.

    It is good to keep a tab. Even during our discussion, we do the same thing. We challenge others to point out what was done earlier about the same thing. There are many instances when others say that you have performed a sin or may be a virtue. Keep a note of them also. Who knows, at the entrance of hell or heaven you may be questioned about the deeds and if there is any mistake in their records you can point out the sins and virtues to argue which place is fit for you.
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    At the entrance to heaven or hell, you will be questioned, Who knows. I would like to place an interesting story of an ISC member who visited heaven, a few years ago. Just click here to read that interesting story thread.
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    A very interesting post by the author. Keeping a tab is something which is easy to do but a few of us are really doing it. It takes a few minutes to keep a tab and it relieves us from so many inconveniences later but alas, we just forget to keep a tab.

    I have suffered time and again whenever I failed to keep a tab. It is an insignificant thing but later turns out to be most important. Earlier some people used to keep a small slip pad and a pen in their pocket to jot down whenever something important was there to note. This habit is now a days almost gone and is obsolete. Some people make a note in their smart phones and I think that is a good habit.

    Keeping a tab is a great element in personal management and the successful people always keep a tab.

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    Noting down things is a good habit and some people possess it. We can not rely upon our memory only if we want to retrieve an action later.

    Noting down things with dates is a great help as it becomes a chronology of important actions or deeds.

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    It is always better to keep records for all the expenses and bill payments and other important things so that when you require them you can easily refer.
    I worked in a company from 1995 February to 1997 July. I have completed my retirement age and now I have applied for my Pension. The PF office is aking the details of PF payment from that organisation. I approached the company and they say they don't have any records. But I have kept all the details required for that and I have given all the details to that company. Still, they have not done what they have to do. I am following up the same with the PF officials and they have taken up the issue with that company. If I also don't have those records I might have faced a tough time.
    So I advise all to keep a track record of all the details as much as possible.

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