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    What is the difference between “As Expected” and “Achievement”?

    We do many tasks in our day to day life both on the professional and personal front and sometimes we think that we should get appreciation or reward for it based on our analysis of how well it was done. But sometimes it happens that against our expectations people say that it not an achievement but it was something that was expected from us. When this happens we sometimes feel sad and frustrated as to why others think it is not an achievement for something which seems achievement to us.

    Well, the answer is that it all depends on what standards you set for yourself when you do something and what are the correct standards that should be actually set. Sometimes we set low standards for ourselves and we feel that we have done a great job but the reality is that it is just a mediocre work as per the standards of outside world. On the other hand, there are people who set very high standards for themselves and feel that they have done nothing great even if others say it is an achievement. Such people have high prospects to rise high as they have set high standards for themselves and they will keep working harder and harder to achieve it.

    To give an example, in workplace sometimes, there is conflict during appraisals where an employee thinks he has done a great job and should be rewarded while his manager thinks that it is nothing great and it was expected from employee based on his or her experience of xyz years. It's quite obvious if 10 years experienced person sets the same standards for himself or herself as 6 years experienced person then this perception difference between As expected and Achievement will definitely arise.

    One should always set proper standards for ourselves when we do something and it should be neither very high (though it can be high) and at no cost, it should be low. If we take care of this then we are less likely to face a situation where we think it is an achievement but the outside world thinks it is something which was expected and so nothing great. Setting high standards for whatever we do in life is likely to lead us to what I would call "Real Achievements".
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    This is also called Bench Marking. What you take as the standard is more important. If you keep a goal of 60% marks in your SSC examination and you achieve it, it will not be a great achievement. But irrespective of percentage if you set a goal of being in the first hundred students who got the highest marks and if you achieve it, nothing like it. So the main question is setting the standard.
    In the manufacturing setcor, there are some organisations who are well established and producing quality products. A new entrepreneur entering into the same business should benchmark the standards of that industry and strive for achieving the same. Then only the product will go well in the market. Otherwise, even though you think your product is good the consumer may not receive it well. Customer satisfaction is an important point for business.

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    If a task is done and the results are known before hand then we say that it was as expected. In this mode we are more and less sure of the results and there are no doubts on that.

    There are other situations where we do our efforts but we are not sure of results. There could be many reasons for that. Tough competition, capability issues, limited opportunities etc are the possible reasons and due to these factors the success will not be achieved. So achievement is dependent on many factors which are beyond our reach.

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    Now what we call an achievement? When we reach any target is it our achievement or we got the desired result? If you tend to feel that you have achieved something really great you may inflate like a balloon. We need to question ourselves who is the judge here. When we are working for someone, the target is set by that person or entity and hence it's entirely up to the third person to decide whether to term something like an achievement or not.

    It is good to receive awards and appreciations for our works but we should not work for awards or appreciations. The goal must be to reach the target within the stipulated time and if you think you are not suitably rewarded for your work don't be disheartened. Concentrate on the task, find out different ways to do it and give your best every time while doing any job.


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    Everyone has their own set of goals in their career or life. The target is based on capabilities. Everyone cannot run 100 meters sprint in 9.58 seconds which Usain bolt has clocked in 2009 Olympics. Every student or person cannot become number one. There must be Number twos , threes and son.

    We need to analyze our individual capability and our preparations, for any such goals in our life. The next question comes whether we have met our targets. In case we have met our set targets we should be happy. Otherwise we need to introspect and see where are the shortcoming and area where we need improvement and we should work on it.

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