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    Nothing has gone wrong with Rafale deal, I feel

    Rafale aircraft deal is a deal that could not be finalised by a goverment that ruled for 10 years, but could be finalized by a governnment within 3 years of its governance.

    The opposition parties(Congress) suspects a big scandal in pricing. I feel nothing has gone wrong in the deal. While the deal was for 600 crores for one aircraft by Congress, the deal is about 1500 crores by BJP. What's wrong? It took Congress government 8 years to fix the deal at Rs. 600 crores,( yet could not finalize it)

    My justification for the increase in price from 600 to 1500 crore per piece is:-.

    Aircraft cost in the year 2006 was - Rs. 600 crores (approx)
    After 10 years, Aircraft cost in the year 2016 is - Rs1500 crores (approx)

    Let us take the salary (Basic pay)of a central government employee in the year 2006. Say it was Rs. 600/-
    After 10 years, the Pay Commission has recommended it to be increased to 2.57 times. It is Rs. 600 x2.57 = Rs.1542/-

    If the Basic salary of an individual can be increased 2.57 times, why not the price of an fighter aircraft?

    Is it not a justified deal by the BJP government? Why should we make noise calling it a defence scandal? Who will convince Rahul Gandhi?
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    A very good and logical argument by the author. As time passes the salaries of the employees will increase and the overheads will also increase. similarly, the other costs involved in the production will also increase in proportion. Automatically the cost of the goods will go up. So there is nothing wrong if there is a price increase. Congress is responsible for this price hike as they were not able to complete the deal within the time frame and that has caused this price escalation, I feel.
    But there is no point to talk to the opposition parties. So they are harping on the same issue always and till they get another point they will not leave this point. Anyhow the matter is in court and the verdict will come sooner or later. The country will understand who is correct and who is at fault.

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    Opposition parties will always search for some loophole or deficiency in the tendering or purchase process especially high value procurements.

    This is a very common practice in many countries and once some thing wrong is found in the deal the opposition parties will take the advantage of maligning the ruling party and try to go for public mandate for ousting of the Govt in power. If nothing wrong emerges out, the opposition will start searching for some other issue. These are the tools used in political arena.

    Court will scrutinise the case and find out the truth.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A simple logic of cost escalation based on salaries. But such major deals are anything but simple. Such megaprojects that run into hundreds of crores are open to favoritism, kickbacks, and suspicions. With the elections close up, the Rafale deal gave something for the opposition parties to shout at. We may not be party to all the true facts and events. Early this week, there were reports of tax exemption or favourtism to Mr.Anil Ambani's group and the timing of this was suspicious. The matter is in the hands of the judiciary, let's await the final report.

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    I am sure, If BJP wins and forms the government for the second term, the opposition will be silent for the next four years. Judiciary will also take its own sweet time to investigate this fighter case. During the last year prior to election 2024, in 2023, the opposition party will rake up this issue. The plight of the flight and fight will be ON forever.
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    The problem with polticians is that they are only interested in unearthing the bad deeds and corruption cases of the other parties. This is evident if we look back the history of such cases in past.

    So the hue and cry for Rafale is not a new thing. It is in the series of earlier such cases.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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