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    A correct action in the correct time will bring the success.

    We are all taking up many assignments in our life and we always want to be successful in our deeds and we want to accomplish our goals. So we all will plan the things accordingly and follow the plan. But in all these issues time is very important. Correct action in the correct time only will give the correct result. If there is a delay in the action may change the end result. So we should not hesitate to take a decision and go ahead as our planning. Delayed action is an action not taken. We all know the proverb," Strike while the iron is hot". Otherwise, you may have to put in many efforts to reach the target and even after putting all the efforts sometimes you may not be able to get a positive result as expected.
    I like to know the views of the members on this.
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    Timely action is the essence of good planning and always results in success. A stitch in time saves nine.

    Many people are not particular in taking a timely action and they suffer setbacks because of this. Time is the most crucial factor in our life and if we understand how to take advantage of timely action then most of our problems will be solved.

    People who know the value of the time generally go for timely decisions and these people also get success in their life because of this trait.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Hurry makes worry and haste makes waste can be apt for the action that was not taken at the right time or when it was not needed. One can make his bids successful only when it is the right time. Right time and right action give a grand success. Everyone wants success but for that proper planning and timing is counted as a stepping stone to success.

    However, due to lack of planning, even after having all the required things, one is unable to achieve success due to lack of the commitment to take the right action at the right time. After missing the right time to strike, sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve what could have been achieved at the first strike. we all know the time and tide waits for none. Time is precious and making judicious use of it is important. Managing things at the right time is wise things to do and ignoring it may become a problem in life.

    Strike the iron when it is hot is an apt proverb. One should not miss the opportunity to take action at the right time otherwise disappointment and dejection is the only thing that we get. Time is a valuable thing and wasting it can waste our efforts if not calculated on time.

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    Right decision at right time will yield desired results. Whether it is in our life, career or in organization time is the essence. There are occasions we repent later for not taking a decision at right time.
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    Yes action on right time matter in all things like cricket also is the one example if batsman able to make shot with right timing otherwise they become out same funda is with life also if you are a good timer then everything will go right if bad then we may face some issues.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Success has many recipes, the common one includes a good plan, adequate resources, sincere efforts and a reasonable time frame for the given task or goal.

    The right action at the right time would bring in success. But often in real life, knowing the right time is not very easy. when to take up an extra degree, when to change jobs, when and how to invest, when to expand a business. Many such situations and questions are encountered by us in real life. On hindsight, things are very clear but in real time at that given instance, doing the right thing at the right time is not easy. Over and above this are factors beyond our control, some call it luck, fate, destiny, etc.

    What is important is to do the right thing and if the results are not as we wanted it to be, then to learn from our failures and misadventures.

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    There is no doubt that a right action at the right time is the key to success. Very few people are able to achieve it though many of us know about it.

    People who are alert and always busy in work and efforts can take an appropriate action at the requisite time.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, doing things at the perfect time is important. At times we are unable to calculate the perfect timing and hence do not get the desired results. Time, place and person are very important for our actions and when these three are in line the chance of success becomes much higher. It is very difficult to determine when these three will match and when it matches it can work wonders.

    For example, you wish to discuss a very important issue with a top official of the company and you know that when it will be brought to the notice of that official, many things can change. Now it's difficult to meet that person because of his busy schedule, you may have seen him in the office and waved at him also but it was not the perfect time to discuss those things. You know whom to meet, but have to wait for the time and place where you will be able to discuss the issue in details.


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    I agree with you. If the point you have to discuss with your top officer is very important and you may not be able to reach him in time because of his busy schedule, you should send him an email or SMS or WhatsApp message so that he will get the alert and he will call you for a quick discussion. Without that, if you wait for his time some damage may take place.

    always confident

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