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    Do you want to play cricket on the ISC ground? Post your willingness.

    Dear Members,
    IPL is ON. Why not we ISCian play cricket at ISC ground and enjoy life. In the past, I have successfully conducted cricket, and every player enjoyed the game. I want to start the game again to be away from the boredom.

    Game in brief:
    There will be two teams of 5 members in each team. The questions will be the bowling, and the answers will be batting.

    At any one time, one batsman, one bowler, and one fielder will be present on the field.
    SuN will be the Umpire.

    Each member should prepare six tough questions on any subject to bowl. The batsman should answer all the six questions. Unanswered questions, if answered by the fielders will be considered as a catch.

    After receiving the volunteers to play cricket at ISC, I shall come up with the detailed rules and regulations, and special instructions. I expect a minimum of 10 (Ten) players for this game. The game will be played for 10(Ten) days.

    To know how the game is played exactly, CLICK HERE to watch a game played in the year 2015.

    Kindly post your willingness in this thread.
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    I never played cricket really on the field. I enjoy seeing only. However, it is a cricket online and on the ISC site, I will try to play and see how far I can play. So please tell all the details like on what subject the questions should be? All the questions should be on the same topic or different topics. Are the short answer questions or detailed explanation is to be written. These details you can furnish. So that I will get ready for the play. I will look forward to seeing how the game goes.
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    Last time also I expressed my willingness to participate, but that ISC cricket match was postponed indefinitely. Are Members willing now in adequate numbers?
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    Why are you hesitating to play cricket at ISC? Indeed you will enjoy the game. It will give good relief to the members and keep us away from boredom. To know how the cricket is played CLICK HERE to see a game played in the year 2015.

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    Yes, I am ready to play. But what about other players?
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    As of now, I have only two players, Dr Rao and Mr. Partha. Hope to see many players joining this ISC cricket team. If they have watched the ISC cricket played in February 2015, I am sure, more members would volunteer to play cricket under SuN.
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    yes, I am eager to play

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