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    Whatsapp is going to launch payment service in just few days

    In India, the popularity of whatsapp is spread rapidly. You will definitely found what app in almost every smartphone. Now, After this success, whatsapp is going to take another step further. Instant messaging app whatsapp has made all the preparations to launch payment service in India. The company has also completed the testing. This feature has been given to limited users for testing purpose.
    Whatsapp knows the fact that app based payments are fast moving in India like Paytm, Phonepay and Whatsapp will get direct advantage of that because there are plenty of users of Whatsapp in India. The National Payments Corporation of India has given permission to the Whatsapp for testing with a lower amount of transactions. Whatsapp has also activated the IOS service for some users so that its response can be seen.
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    Whatsapp has become very common to almost all the cell phone users. These days there are people who have a separate phone for their use. So there is a good reputation for WhatsApp in our country. This is a fact. It is good that they are releasing the app for financial services. Now there is a very good demand for payment apps and it will add another app to the existing apps. I think this will also get a good following.
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    There are many messaging and group communicating services like Instagram, Hike, Whatsapp etc but out of them Whatsapp is much popular in India. It has a large user base. As a rough estimate there are more than 20 crore users of Whatsapp in our country. It has become a powerful media for communication and information exchange. Interestingly, people are using it for official or company purposes also without bothering for the leakage and hacking of the important information.

    Now Whatsapp is going to start the payment services also which means that a user will be able to purchase merchandise or avail services using the Whatsapp payment system. Because of its large user base, it is going to be successful and soon will give competition to the other payment mechanism in the market.

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    This is phenomenal that WhatsApp is launching a payment service in the country with the permission of the national payment corporation of India. WhatsApp will be in gains to introduce this system as they already have a large user base and people are widely using WhatsApp in the country. It will definitely help people in a hassle free transaction of money and shopping online.

    As we saw similar services at the disposal of people like phonepe, googlepay, paytm, etc are already doing a great job and successfully expanding their customer base in the country. WhatsApp, launching this services will be an addition to the easy online payment system.

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