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    Chidambaram Praises Modi with GDP growth to implement NYAY by Congress

    Mr. Chidambaram of Congress has said that growing GDP would help Congress to implement NYAY. Everyone says that Chidambaram is a fool to say this. He just shot himself in the foot with his own gun.

    What Chidambaram said is - Indian economy is in good shape and the GDP will grow 12 % for the next 5 years and expected to double up. The revenue is also growing well by 18 %. So, demonetization and GST is helping the GDP growth and the Indian economy. He has accepted that this was not possible earlier, but is possible now. This will help congress to meet NYAY requirement.

    @ If this is so, Why should we vote for Congress and change the government? Modi has done his best to improve the economy of our country. Why should Congress enjoy the benefit. Let Modi win and continue to improve India's economy in the future also.

    Chidambaram is really a foolish former finance minister who praised Modi unknowingly.
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    If Mr Chidambaram has really said this then the reason is best known to him. It is true that if the economy of the country is going in the right way it is an indication that the government has taken necessary measures to develop the country. In that condition why would people go for a change? The former PM Dr Manmohan Singh, other opposition leaders and Mr Chidambaram himself have said earlier that the economy is in a bad shape and now if he says something reverse then it is really surprising.

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    If it is not a fake news then it is a welcome thing that an Economist of that cadre is talking in such a positive tone.

    The whole world is acknowledging the various achievements of BJP during the past 4 years.

    Mr Modi has not only made a place for him in the country but also in the world community and they are very much impressed with his clear and bold ways of working. He is able to take the right decision even in adverse conditions.

    So it is not a surprise that a pillar of opposition is praising him.

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    As far as I remember, Mr.Chidambaram has always been sceptical about the GDP figures reported by the present government.Even as late as Jan 2019, he was worried about the Economic Indicators. I haven't seen any report to support the title of the thread. It seems to me that Mr.Chidambaram's justification for funds for the NYAY scheme, has been misquoted as a praise for Mr.Modi.

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